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eBay employee trading and community content policy

The following are the rules that all eBay Inc. company employees must follow to use an eBay company website:

  • Any offer to buy or sell items by a company employee is made solely for the employee's own personal use and not on behalf of the eBay company

  • Employees of the company are held to the highest standards of conduct on our websites. Employees are to abide by the terms of the eBay company website.

  • Employees are subject to all fees and policies for using the services of all eBay company websites.

  • eBay company employees must use a personal, non-company email address to conduct business on eBay company websites.

  • When eBay company employees bid on or purchase an item on eBay, the eBay company employees must identify themselves as eBay employees and email the link to this page to the seller.

  • When eBay company employees list an item for sale on eBay, the eBay company employees must identify themselves as eBay employees and include the link to this page in their listing.

  • When eBay company employees submit community content as members, not as employees, they must identify themselves as eBay employees and state that the content reflects their personal views and isn't written on behalf of eBay Inc.

  • Content posted by eBay employees acting in an official eBay capacity will normally be identified by a different treatment from content published by members; for example, a pink bar highlighting the user ID.

  • eBay company employees who have access rights on the eBay system to hidden reserve prices can't bid on reserve price items, until one of the following conditions has been met:

    • the reserve price has been met

    • they choose to purchase using Buy It Now or other fixed price methods.

  • eBay company employees who have access rights on the eBay system to Best Offer amounts can't submit a Best Offer on items if at least one Best Offer has already been submitted by another member.

eBay's marketplace is built on a foundation of trust and transparency. As a courtesy to our community, we believe that our members have the right to know when they're interacting with an eBay employee on our site, even when the eBay employee is participating as a member of the community.

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