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Alcohol policy

eBay does not permit the sale of alcoholic beverages on its Philippine Web site, except for certain sales of collectable containers or alcohol-related collectables (see Examples below).

Sale of any intoxicating liquors without a government permit is prohibited in the Philippines. See Additional Information for more details.

Activity on eBay is required to follow this policy, the eBay User Agreement and all applicable laws, as well as respect the rights of third parties. If it doesn’t, eBay may take action consistent with applicable laws and the eBay User Agreement, and may even be legally required to do so. Such actions may include, as an example only: Removing the listing or other content, issuing a warning, restricting activity or account suspension.



Collectable Containers

eBay will permit sales of unopened collectable containers that still contain alcohol as long as each of the following conditions are met:

  • The value of the item is in the collectable container, not its contents. (Bottles of wine are not permitted, as their value is generally based on the wine in the bottle rather than the bottle itself.)
  • The listing description contains text stating that the container has not been opened, but that any incidental contents are not intended for consumption.
  • The item must not be available at any retail outlet, and the container must have a value that substantially exceeds the current retail price of the alcohol in the container. Sellers take all appropriate steps to ensure that the buyer is of lawful age in the buyer and seller's jurisdiction (18 years of age).
  • Buyers and sellers both ensure that the sale complies with all applicable laws and postage regulations, including ensuring that any necessary licences or permits have been obtained.

Alcohol-Related Collectables

eBay permits the sale of alcohol-related collectables, including alcohol-related memorabilia, packaging and containers such as bottles, decanters or limited edition cans (provided you comply with the above collectable container sale guidelines).

Selling Chocolates with Liqueur in them

Food products that use alcohol for flavour do not fall within these laws and regulations.

Selling Wine- and Beer-Making Kits

Wine and beer-making kits will continue to be allowed on eBay, as long as the kits do not contain any alcoholic beverages.


Additional Information

  • The sale of alcohol in the Philippines is regulated, and can only be made in accordance with a permit by the mayor, issued pursuant to the Local Government Code and applicable local ordinances.
  • Importation of alcoholic beverages are required to be registered with the Bureau of Food and Drugs prior to distribution in Philippine commerce.
  • Since the applicable regulations apply to sale of alcohol by retail, wholesale as well as storage of liquors, the prohibitions may well apply even to selling (or offering to sell) by way of a ‘virtual shop’. Users of eBay are accordingly advised to obtain such relevant licences and permits before listing on eBay.
  • All intoxicating liquors imported into the Philippines are subject to customs and excise duties.

Why does eBay have this policy?

eBay wants to ensure its sellers and buyers comply with all local governmental laws and regulations. Since the sale of alcoholic products is regulated by law, and can only be permitted with an appropriate licence, sellers may not list the specified alcoholic products on eBay.

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