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Promoting your item with listing upgrades

Our listing upgrades can help customize the appearance of your listings and attract more buyers to your items.

About upgrades
Here are some things to consider when selecting upgrades for your listing:
  • Fees vary depending on the upgrade, the selling format that you choose, and which eBay site you list on. To see how much each upgrade costs, see listing fees.

  • Most listing upgrades are flat fees, so it's good to compare the fee to the value of your item. For example, you might promote your item differently if you list a modern edition of the book "The Wizard of Oz" for $15, than if you list a first edition in excellent condition for $1,500.

  • You need to qualify for some upgrades.

  • As with listing fees, optional feature fees are charged at the time of listing and are nonrefundable.

    Note: Fees for eBay Stores, including listing upgrades, have a different fee structure. While Store inventory listing upgrade features always appear in your Store view, these features only appear in regular eBay search and browse results in specific instances.

Combining upgrades
Combine upgrades to promote your item at a discounted price.
  • Value Pack: Value Pack gives you essential listing upgrades including Gallery Plus, Subtitle, and Listing Designer, for less than if you paid for each individually.

Timing your listing
  • 10-day listing: Select the longest listing duration available.

  • Scheduling your listings: Starting your listing at a specific time can be more convenient for you and it can expose your listing to more buyers. For example, you can schedule your listing to run during the weekend, when more people have time to shop on eBay.

Getting your listing out there
  • AdCommerce: Your listing appears to buyers in the Sponsored Links section. AdCommerce is a pay-per-click advertising program that enables sellers to purchase keyword or category-based ads on search results pages.

  • Global Buying Hub:Attract more buyers from other countries by showing your item in search results on other eBay sites.

  • Listing in two categories: Reach more shoppers and generate more interest in your item by listing in two appropriate categories.

Making your listing stand out
  • Bolding: Emphasize your listing in search results by using bold text to emphasize your message.

  • Gallery picture: Show buyers a photo of your item when they search and browse.

  • Gallery upgrades:Attract buyers with a larger version of your listing picture in search results with Gallery Plus.

  • Subtitle:Add more descriptive and enticing item information below the main title. This creates more interest and emphasizes your listing in search results. 

Presentation counts

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