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Managing bidders and buyers


All members can participate in bidding and buying on eBay. However, as a seller you might prefer to limit your sales to people you feel comfortable with, such as those who have positive Feedback scores. We offer several ways to help you define the bidders and buyers you want to do business with.

Viewing bidder information
We help protect members by limiting how their information and bid history can be viewed. However, sellers can view the user IDs of all bidders. Other members see only anonymous IDs.
Blocking bidders and buyers
If you don't want to sell to certain members, you can put their user IDs on your blocked list. Members on the list can’t bid on any of your listings until you remove them from the list. You can block up to 5,000 user IDs. By default, these members also won't be able to contact you about your listings, but you can change this setting. See more about Selecting buyer requirements.
Note: You can choose not to allow blocked buyers to contact you. Blocked buyers will still be able to contact you about existing transactions, unless you add them to your blocked list.
To add a member to your blocked list:
  1. Enter the user IDs of the members you want to block.

  2. Click the Submit button.

To remove a member from your blocked list:
  1. Delete the user ID of the member from the text box.

  2. Click the Submit button.

Note: You should inform members after you remove them from your blocked list, so they can resume bidding on your items.
Cancelling bids
In general, sellers shouldn’t cancel bids on their listings. However, there are a few legitimate reasons for doing so:
  • A bidder contacts you to back out of the bid.

  • You cannot verify the identity of the bidder after trying all reasonable means of contact.

  • You end your listing early.

Note: Bids cannot be reinstated after they've been canceled.
To cancel a bid:
  1. Enter the item number, the user ID of the bid you’re canceling, and the reason you’re cancelling the bid.

  2. Click the cancel bid button.

Setting up buyer requirements
You can specify buyer requirements to manage the types of buyers who can bid on your items. Doing so reduces your exposure to buyers who might make sales difficult for you, but it also reduces the number of potential bidders for your items. You can specify buyer requirements for all your listings, or you can specify the requirements only for particular listings.
To add buyer requirements to all of your listings:
  1. In My eBay, place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click the Site preferences link.

  2. In the Buyer requirements section, click the Show link, and then click the Edit link.

  3. On the Buyer Requirements page, select your buyer requirements. For example, you might not want to do business with buyers who:

    • Have unpaid items recorded on their account

    • Have a primary shipping address in countries you don't want to ship to

    • Have reportedly violated eBay policies

    • Have a negative Feedback score

    • Are currently winning or have bought a large number of your items in the last 10 days

  4. If you want to apply these settings to all current and future listings, select the Apply above settings to current and future listings check box.

  5. Click the Submit button to save your requirements.

To add buyer requirements for a specific listing, you can specify your requirements in the listing form.

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