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Final Value Fees

What's a Final Value Fee?

When your item sells or ends with a winning bid your seller account is charged a Final Value Fee based on the item's final sale price and category.

Note: eBay Singapore / Malaysia / Philippines currently are free sites and sellers will not be charged for Final Value Fees.

How do I know what the Final Value Fee will be?

To see how Final Value Fees are calculated for these listing formats, see eBay fees:

  • Auction-style: The Final Value Fee is based on the winning bid.

  • Fixed Price or Buy It Now: The Final Value Fee is based on the purchase price.

  • Reserve Price auction-style listings: The Final Value fee is based on the closing bid when the reserve price is met. There's no Final Value Fee charged if the reserve isn't met.

  • Auction-style or Fixed Price listings in Business & Industrial categories

You won't be charged a Final Value Fee if:

  • There's no bid on your item.

  • No bids meet your reserve price.

  • Your item or service is listed using a Classified Ad Listing.

How can I get a credit or refund for my Final Value Fee?

This fee applies whether or not you complete the sale with the buyer.

If a buyer backs out and doesn't buy the item, you can open a case in our Resolution Centre to work it out with the buyer. If the case isn't resolved or you mutually agree not to go through with the transaction, you can request a Final Value Fee credit to your eBay account when you close the case. This credit will be applied to your future listings. If you'd rather get a refund, see Requesting a refund from eBay (for sellers).

Also, if you cancel the transaction in our Resolution Centre and the buyer agrees, you can receive a Final Value Fee credit or refund.

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