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Closing Your eBay Store

We value our eBay Store sellers and hope you'll contact us to address any issues before you decide to close your Store. Consider the following information before you decide.

Information about closing your Store

If you close your eBay Store:

  • All of your current Store Inventory listings (if any) will automatically end.

  • All of your current auction-style and fixed price format items will remain active until their ending date is reached or they are sold.

  • If you change your mind, you can always reopen your Store. We'll save your Store settings for 30 days.

  • Before you decide to close your Store, read our tips to help bring more traffic to your Store.

  • You can keep your listings on eBay by changing your current Store Inventory listings to auction-style or fixed price format.

  • Once you've subscribed to an eBay Store, you need to pay for the subcription fee for at least the first 30 days. Any outstanding subscription charges will be credited back to your account. Please note that there is no free trial period for eBay Stores on, and

Closing your store

To close your eBay Store:
  1. Go to My eBay.

  2. Click the Account tab, then click the Subscriptions link in the left navigation.

  3. Scroll to the eBay Stores section, and click the Cancel Subscription link.

  4. If you have bundled subscriptions with your eBay Store for Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro, or other selling tool, select the appropriate button to specify whether you want to keep the subscriptions at the new monthly fee or unsubscribe.

  5. If you’re sure you want to close your Store, click the Yes button.

Tips to help bring more traffic to your Store

Use a mix of auction-style, fixed price, and Store Inventory listings. Listing is all three types of formats is the best way to get different types of exposure on eBay and help buyers discover your Store.  Here are some listing suggestions for various items:
  • Unique items: We suggest a high level of auction-style and fixed price items to attract demand.

  • Accessories and hard-to-find Items: We suggest an approximately even split of auction-style, fixed price and Store Inventory listings.

  • Accessories with inventory depth:  We suggest a higher level of Store Inventory listings.

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