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All about Feedback policies

Feedback is an open forum where members can leave comments about their experiences with their transaction partners. It's important to remember that, in most cases, the Feedback you leave is permanent. Also, there are a few things we won't allow.

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If you've successfully completed a transaction with another eBay member and they haven't left you Feedback, it's fine to send them a quick email as a friendly reminder. But remember that Feedback is completely voluntary.
If you've received negative Feedback, you can tell your side of the story by responding to the Feedback. As a seller, you can also send a limited number of requests for buyers to revise the Feedback they've left.
If a member has violated one of our Feedback policies, you can request that we remove the Feedback.
In most cases, you can't change Feedback once you've left it. However, if you've left negative or neutral Feedback for a seller and you want to change it to a positive, the seller may be able to request Feedback revision from you.

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