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Kuponan FAQs

Pre Buying

1. What is eBay Kuponan?

eBay Kuponan is a group buying (a.k.a. collective buying, group purchasing, group coupon) feature on eBay Philippines site.

With this feature, merchants on site sell large volumes of their products or services in a very short span of time, resulting in great promotions. To take advantage of this feature, all you need to do is click the ‘Buy It’ button and become a part of the group. You do not have to form a group yourself. Anyone who signs up for the deal is counted in. Once the minimum number of people signs in for the same deal, you all reap the benefits.

2. What are group buying sites?

Group buying sites partner with merchants to offer consumers incredible savings on products and services?

3. How does group eBay Kuponan work?

The merchant agrees to offer customers a specific product or service at a greatly discounted rate (usually 50% off or more) but only if eBay Kuponan can generate more than the specified minimum number of sales chosen by the merchant. Once the minimum number of sales is reached, the deal becomes activated and all the customers who  signed up for the deal become eligible.  Eligible customers make part payment for the deal and receive an SMS/ Email voucher that is used to redeem the deal with the merchant. For example, a typical daily deal may include Php500 worth of services from a merchant for only Php250.

4. Can I purchase daily deals as gifts?

Yes, daily deals can be given as gifts. All you need to do is use the mobile number of the person whom you are gifting the daily deal to, such that, he can receive the SMS voucher on his mobile. You also need to ensure he/she has an authorization letter from you along with your ID when he redeems the voucher which will indicate your name.

5. Why does eBay Kuponan only offer one deal a day?

Because we want to make sure that you are having the best deal of the day with best value for money.

6. Why are the deals so good?

The deals are win-win: our merchants get new customers, advertising on our site and large volumes of buyers; in return, our customers get an irresistible deal. Since we avoid storing inventory and save businesses lots of advertising costs, we all get to save compared to paying up for retail.

7. Why would businesses be willing to do this?

Ebay Kuponan promotions will generate a good amount of sales for the merchant in a short period of time. The deals will only be posted for 72-hour period and the viral nature of this promotion means that sales can be on the order of hundreds to thousands of orders in a single day. For many local business owners this equates to an entire month’s worth of sales that are obtained in just 3 days. While the business owner is not getting what he/she would normally earn for a typical sale, since eBay is asking for at least 50% off for their products or services, but they will be willing to take this opportunity for the following reasons:

Cash flow boost – Payments for vouchers are processed by eBay Kuponan within 72 hours and the local merchant will soon receive a very large check and a quick boost in cash flow for that month. If you consider that, the number of sales that eBay Kuponan could provide a business, that’s a big shot in.

Inexpensive, effective advertising – Businesses spend a lot of money on advertising and yet it’s often very inefficient. Daily deals which will be promoted by eBay Kuponan are fairly inexpensive and they are much more effective at generating real sales rather than just increasing brand awareness.

New customers – Local businesses are always looking to expand their client base and new customers are a necessity for doing so. Daily deals are able to attract many new clients by offering discounts that get the first-time customer in the door.

Return customers – Businesses who will use eBay Kuponan site for marketing their products or services are hoping that the new customers that sign up for their deal will like what the local merchant offers and become a return customer.

8. Is this a good investment for a local business?

  • The business will take advantage of eBay Kuponan promotion tool because in a short period of time, with less effort, they will be earning more customers and sales

  • The business will tell eBay Kuponan of the number of customers they require in order for them to offer their product or service with 50% off. Now once the given number is reached, eBay Kuponan will be asking for a very minimal commission for eBay Kuponan to earn from the promotion

    The real value for using eBay Kuponan’s feature to promote a business seems to be in the effective means to gain new customers, the opportunity to convert them into return customers. There will also BE a long-term effect of word of mouth advertising that results from these types of promotions that are able to attract new customers



9. Why should I share these daily deals with my friends?

In order for you to obtain the deal, the minimum number of sales needs to be reached before it can be activated.

10. Is there a fee to become a member?

NO FEES to join us.  Simply register at for you to become a member.

11. What are the modes of payment accepted?

Either GCash or PayPal.

12. How much will I pay?

To receive the coupon, you only need to pay the part payment which will be indicated on the daily deal and pay the remaining amount to the merchant once you redeem the coupon.

13. When will we send out the list of final confirmations – along with the corresponding buyer codes?

After the deal ends, buyer will be given one working day to send in payments. After payment deadline is over, a complete coupon list will be prepared and handed over to the merchant. There should be a 4-5 days gap after the deal ends for confirming payments and handing over the final list to merchant.

Post Buying

14. Do I need to use the coupon voucher the same day?

No, eBay Kuponan coupons will have an expiration date on them.

15. I purchased a deal, now what do I do?

After you pay through PayPal or GCash , you need to click ‘Payment Sent’ and then you’ll receive the voucher in an email which you will present to the merchant in redeeming the voucher.

16. Do I have to use the entire voucher all at once?

Yes. All our participating merchants require that the voucher is redeemed for the full value when you present it.

17. Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

No. All sales are final.

18. What happens if the merchant goes out of business?

eBay Kuponan will refund the amount that you have paid as a down payment.

19. When will the coupons be dispatched / Sent?

a.       The coupon will be sent over once the deal is tipped over or at the end of the listing/ deal period

b.     The coupons will be sent as soon as the payments are confirmed. for example, buyers who pay through PayPal, will  be sent coupons immediately

20. How long is the validity of the coupon?

The validity of the coupons will depend on the deals. It’s normally less than one month.

21. Is the coupon transferrable? Or can I give it as a gift?

Yes. All you need to do is give an authorization letter and your ID to the person who will be using the coupon.

22. What will happen when there is a dispute with the usage of coupon codes?

As mentioned in the contract, the merchant will have to reimburse the cost of coupon in case there is a dispute.

23. What happens if the voucher expires?

You can no longer use it and it’s not refundable since the date of expiration will be indicated in the voucher.

24. Will the buyer get refund?

Only if merchant fails to honor coupons for any reason, refunds will be issued by merchant. 

25. Can these Daily Deal vouchers be combined with other coupons or discounts?

No. Unless otherwise specified, the vouchers cannot be used in combination with any other offers.

26. What’s the redemption process?

Coupons will be sent via email along with their name, they will be required to present a valid photo ID at the time of redemption. Once the validity period is over, the merchant will provide a list of redeemed vouchers to account manager / Fairmode and get the outstanding payment due as per the redeemed voucher list.

27. Why don’t collective buying sites share email addresses with the local merchants?

eBay Kuponan wants to protect their subscribers’ privacy. Sharing these email addresses not only violates their privacy policy but if we were to do this, we would most likely lose subscribers which are the core of our business. If you consider that, the number of email messages a single subscriber would receive from all the merchants they’ve purchased vouchers for, problem of sharing email addresses with local business partners becomes apparent.

28. What if the minimum number of sales isn’t reached?

If the minimum number of orders isn’t reached then the deal is canceled, no one is able to take advantage of the deal, and the customers will not need to pay anything. – Hence it’s a win-win situation for the merchant as the discount will prevail only if there is a minimum volume sale.

29. Are local businesses given the email addresses of the customers that sign up for their deal?

No, this is one clear disadvantage for local businesses that utilize this marketing tool.

30. What will I need to do for my business to be advertised on eBay Kuponan?

Once a merchant signed up with Fairmode, the exclusive promoter of eBay Kuponan, the account manager will collect all the data and send it at one time to eBay and Fairmode. Merchant will be referred by the contact reference number. Fairmode will create a listing for approval from eBay creative team and once approved, the listing date will be scheduled.


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