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How sellers can request Feedback revisions from buyers

This page is for sellers who want to request Feedback revisions from buyers. If you're a buyer who wants to know how to change Feedback you left for a seller or if you have general questions about changing or removing Feedback, see Can Feedback be changed or removed?

There are some situations when buyers can revise the Feedback comment or rating, or the detailed seller ratings (DSRs) they've left for sellers. For example, if the seller fixes a problem with the transaction, or if the buyer accidentally left the wrong Feedback. In these situations, sellers can request a Feedback revision. 

How do I know if I'm eligible to submit a Feedback revision request?

  • You can submit 5 Feedback revision requests for every 1,000 Feedback you've received in the past 12 consecutive months. High-volume sellers (who earn more than 1,000 Feedback per year) can send more requests. We limit the number of requests so that sellers can focus on providing great service up front, not fixing problems after they happen.

  • You can request only one Feedback revision per transaction.

  • The number of Feedback revision requests that you're eligible for doesn't roll over from year to year.

  • Feedback left by users who are currently suspended doesn't qualify for revision.

When can I submit a Feedback revision request?

  • Once you've resolved any problems, you can submit a Feedback revision request as long as you haven't reached your limit and the Feedback is less than 30 days old.

  • If you think the buyer accidentally left you incorrect Feedback, make sure and contact the buyer first and explain why you want the Feedback revised.

How do I submit a Feedback revision request?

To submit a Feedback revision request:
  1. Go to the Request Feedback Revision page from the Feedback Forum or from your Feedback Profile.

  2. Review the list of eligible Feedback entries and select the ones you want to request revisions for. The number of Feedback revision requests available to you until the end of the current year is displayed in the top right corner of the Request Feedback Revision page.

  3. Select the reason for your request in the Give the buyer a reason for the request section.

  4. Enter any additional info for the buyer in the text box. You can enter up to 500 characters.

  5. Click the Send button.

You'll see a confirmation page notifying you that your request has been emailed to the buyer, and you'll receive a copy of the email.

What happens next?

We'll send the buyer an email alert that he or she has a Feedback revision request. The email includes your reason for requesting the revision and the message you wrote. The buyer has 10 days either to agree and revise the Feedback or disagree and state a reason.

If the buyer hasn't responded within 7 days, we'll automatically remind the buyer of the request. If the buyer responds, we'll notify you of the buyer's decision immediately by email. If the 10-day window expires with no response from the buyer, we'll notify you by email that your Feedback revision request has expired. Sellers can only submit one request per transaction.

No matter what the outcome of your request is, please respect the buyer's decision.

Note: If the buyer changes or removes negative or neutral Feedback, it is no longer visible to others.

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