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Appealing Unpaid Item Strikes and Suspensions

When buyers do not pay for items they have bought or won, they have violated eBay’s Unpaid Item Policy, and eBay may issue a strike on the buyer’s account. However, sometimes a buyer may receive a strike despite having paid for the item. An Unpaid Item strike can be removed if:

  • eBay is provided proof of payment.

  • eBay is provided with proof that the seller excused the buyer from their obligation.

  • The seller removes the strike themselves.

Example of Unpaid Item strike removals

Accepted proof of payment

eBay accepts any of the following as proof of payment:

  • Copy of a cheque or money order – Send photocopies of the front and back of your cheque or money order. Include the item number and your User ID.

  • Email communication between you and the seller – Send eBay copies of email that you sent to the seller. Please include the email headers.

  • Copy of payment confirmation from PayPal or other payment service – Send or email a copy of your payment confirmation email from PayPal or a confirmation email from another payment service. Please include the email headers.

  • Proof that the seller left you positive feedback for the transaction – If the seller left you positive feedback, send eBay an email including the item number so that we can verify the feedback.

  • Proof that the seller excused you from the transaction – Send a copy of the email showing that the seller excused you from the transaction. Please include the email headers.

Providing proof of payment to eBay

Example of Unpaid Item strike removals

Mary buys a lamp from Steve and mails him a cheque for the item. Unfortunately, the cheque is delayed in the mail for over 2 weeks. Concerned about non-payment, Steve files an Unpaid Item claim against Mary which results in Mary receiving a strike. The next day, Steve receives Mary’s cheque for payment and sends her lamp with an apology note. Mary can now appeal the unpaid item strike by sending a photocopy of the note and cashed cheque.

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