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Adding Alerts

eBay can alert you about an auction listing ending or when you are outbid on an item. You can receive alerts by the following:

You can subscribe to IM alerts in My eBay and start receiving notifications for when you've been outbid or when a listing has ended. If you enable these alerts, you’ll see the word “outbid” or “end” followed by a short description, item number, and bid amount. For example: Outbid! - Snoopy PEZ dispenser - item #3536992432 - $7.50.

If you receive an alert, you can then respond to the alert and bid again.

IM alerts

IM alerts are instant messages sent to your chat window.

To add an IM address:
  1. On the My eBay page, click the Account tab, and then click Show in the “Notification Preferences” section.

  2. Click Subscribe in the “Notification Delivery” section to subscribe for instant messages.

  3. Select your instant messenger provider.
    You will be sent to the provider’s site for verification.

    Subscribe to sign up for instant messages.

  4. Select your instant messenger provider, and click the Continue button.

Additional Notes

  • Most alerts arrive a few minutes after they are created; however, factors such as your carrier’s service area or congestion can affect delivery. eBay cannot guarantee specific times.

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