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Paying Your eBay Selling Fees

Selling fees are charges for selling your items on eBay, such as fees for optional listing features. eBay does not charge membership fees for a basic selling account, so all fees are from listing activities.

eBay sends you an invoice each month with certain payment requirements.

When paying your seller fees, it's important to know about:

Your account can be suspended if you don't pay your seller fees. If your account has been suspended, see Reinstating Your Account.

For a list of seller fees, see Fees.

Making payments

You can make a payment at any time by going to the Seller Account section in My eBay.

Payment methods

Add an automatic payment on file or make one-time payments for your seller fees.

Automatic payment

One-time payments
  • Credit card: Make one-time charges to your credit card. You don't have to use the same credit card that you used to become an eBay seller. Learn more.

Your payment due date

You'll need to pay your invoice balance in full each month to keep your account current. If you don't keep your account current, your account may be suspended for non-payment and you may be responsible for collection costs. The payment due date is determined by the date eBay generates your invoice (either the 15th of the month or the last day of the month). For information on payment requirements, late fees, and payment schedules, see Your Payment Due Date.

Viewing your account activity

Using My eBay Views, you'll find two ways to view the activity (fees, payments, credits, etc.) on your seller's account:

  • Account Status shows your current estimated balance and a list of your account activities.

  • Invoices shows your account activity as it appears in your monthly invoice.

    • eBay will send you monthly invoice notifications by email (if your balance was more than $1.00 during the month).

    • You can also download the last four months of your invoice data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or any application that supports CSV files by clicking the "Download" link displayed when you view your invoice.

    • You can also view the last 18 months of your invoice data as HTML files when you view your invoice.

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