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Credit cards policy

eBay permits the listing of inactive or expired credit or debit cards, provided that the expiry date on the face of the card is at least 10 years old. Such 10-year old, expired debit/credit cards may be considered 'collectable' and may have some collectable value. Sellers should examine the terms and conditions on the card to ensure that the sale of the expired card is permitted.

If posting a picture of the card, the seller should cover or block out at least part of the name and/or credit card number.

Activity on eBay is required to follow this policy, the eBay User Agreement and all applicable laws, as well as respect the rights of third parties. If it doesn’t, eBay may take action consistent with applicable laws and the eBay User Agreement, and may even be legally required to do so. Such actions may include, as an example only: Removing the listing or other content, issuing a warning, restricting activity or account suspension.

Some Examples

  • Roland lists his valid credit card on eBay. This is a violation of eBay policy because the credit card is not at least 10 years old.
  • Elaine lists a credit card for sale on eBay, but the credit card company retains ownership of the credit card even on issuance. Therefore, this is a violation of eBay policy because the credit card issuer’s policy does not allow the resale of its expired credit cards.

Additional Information

The Right to Privacy in the Philippines

The right to privacy is explicitly recognized and enshrined in the Philippine Constitution. Zones of privacy are likewise recognized and protected under Philippine statutes. The Supreme Court has ruled that personal information may be validly obtained, provided there is compelling interest and the means adopted are reasonable and narrowly-drawn.

The Department of Trade and industry in the Philippines has prescribed "Guidelines for the Protection of Personal data in Information and Communications System in the Private Sector". The Guidelines obligate confidentiality of personal data obtained by data protection certifiers.


Why does eBay have this policy?

eBay urges sellers and buyers to comply with all governmental regulations and laws. Unexpired credit or debit cards cannot lawfully be transferred from one person to another. As a result, sellers may not list such items on eBay. The transfer of recently expired credit cards raises privacy concerns and creates the potential for abuse. Therefore, such items are also not permitted on the site.

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