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adidas Cases, Covers & Skins for iPhone 5

Customize Your iPhone 5 With Cases and Covers From adidas

adidas has been providing hard cases and covers for the iPhone 5 ever since the phone was released. adidas cases and covers for iPhone 5 phones are available in a range of colors, styles, materials, types, or designs. You also have the option of choosing an iPhone case or cover that includes additional features.

What materials can you choose for an iPhone cover?

Cases for the iPhone 5 are available in a variety of materials. You may wish to choose a cover that is soft and flexible when carrying it in your pocket. However, you might also prefer a hard case that could offer some measure of protection to the phone. Some common materials you can find that may meet your needs include:

  • Leather - You can purchase a leather case that is dyed in the color of your choice. Some items feature logos or other designs. Leather can be hard or flexible depending on the model of cover you choose.
  • Silicone - A case injected with silicone may have extra padding attached to the interior lining. Such a case might be harder or more rigid than some of its counterparts and may absorb some shocks to your iPhone.
  • TPU - Thermoplastic polyurethane is a mixture of both hard and soft materials.
What types of cases and covers are available for iPhones?

Protective covers for the iPhone 5 have standard dimensions that are designed to fit that model of smartphone. However, there are different aspects to each case depending on the specific one you choose. Some common types of iPhone 5 covers you may be able to find include:

  • Originals - Original cases or covers are the standard ones produced for the iPhone 5 models. They usually feature standard thicknesses and texturing on their surfaces. They are available in colors such as white and black.
  • Slim - Slim covers have a thinner outer profile than standard iPhone hard cases. They may be somewhat lighter than their counterparts or feature smoother texturing on their surfaces.
  • Wallet - Wallet covers function similarly to standard or slim cases but also feature additional pockets or accessories. Wallet covers offer a place to keep your cash, cards, and ID when you are traveling.
What colors are available?

In addition to standard black colors, you may find iPhone 5 cases in colors such as:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Multi-colored
What designs are available for iPhone 5 covers?

You can choose an iPhone 5 hard case with a standard matte finish or one that includes a specific design or pattern on its surface. You may wish to choose a case cover with a design that reflects your personal style or taste.

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