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Get Data Through Using a ZyXEL DSL Modem

When you are working from home and have to send an email to a colleague, being able to access the internet is key. You can use a DSL modem to connect to the internet, giving you the opportunity to send and receive messages, stream video content, and browse the web. ZyXEL is one of the companies that manufactures DSL modems.

What does DSL stand for?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It describes the type of high-speed communication service that you can get through your telephone line. The telephone line and the DSL use different frequencies, so the use of one does not affect the use of the other. Many people choose to use DSL because it is, on average, faster than using a dial-up connection. In addition, its widely available since it uses existing phone lines. A modem is required to connect the computer to the internet, and if you wish, that connection can stay open at all times.

Why use telephone lines?

Telephones are connected to the phone network with copper wires, and those copper wires are capable of transmitting much more information than just telephone conversations. DSL technology takes advantage of that available bandwidth. In areas where this type of connection is available, extra lines have been laid so that you can send and receive digital data. You would do so through the DSL modem.

What are the different types of DSL?

There are many types of digital subscriber lines. They can be broken down into two general categories:

  • Asymmetric: With this type of system, you can receive information more quickly than you can send it. There are different types of connections within this category, based on the varying downstream and upstream rates. Downstream rates could range from 8 megabytes per second to 52 megabytes per second, and upstream rates could range from 384 kilobytes per second to 2.3 megabytes per second.
  • Symmetric: This system provides equal bandwidth for data transmission in both directions.
How is a modem related to a wireless network?

If you have DSL, a modem is necessary to connect to the internet. If you wish to set up a wireless network, you would have to take an additional step of connecting a router to the modem. The router would be used to set up a local network, which could either be wired or wireless. All of your devices would then access the internet through the network created by the router.

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