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Zenith Binoculars

A Guide For Buying Binoculars

Whether it entails birding, golfing or getting a good view of whats at a sporting venue, you can find binoculars to work to your liking. Everything from recreational models to military binoculars and even single-eye options can be found through Zenith. 

The Two Key Numbers

There are two significant numbers you will notice when finding binoculars:

  1. Magnification. The measurement refers to how many times the item is closer to you. You will need a higher magnification number to see things from a far distance.
  2. Objective lens. The lens is measured in millimeters. A more massive light beam will enter into the binoculars when the size is larger.

For instance, a pair of binoculars with a 10x50 field would magnify items by 10 times their size while the lens is 50 mm in size. You may also have an adjustable field as some binoculars let you adjust the magnification through a small knob or other control on the side.

Roof or Porro Prism?

You can find two prism options through your Zenith optics. The prisms are the reflective coatings and reflect and bend light:

  1. Roof. The prisms will overlap, thus allowing the objective lenses to line up well.
  2. Porro. The front or objective lens is offset from the main eyepiece. You will get a better field of view here.

See How Coated Optics Work

The optics on your binoculars should include an appropriate coating. An anti-reflective coating should go on your lenses. A coated surface keeps the loss of light on the optics from being too intense. You can find binoculars that include single, double or triple coating features. The optical setup you choose should be tested to work to your liking.

What Is the Degree Field?

The degree field on a Zenith binocular set refers to the width that you can see from 1,000 yards away. When the degree field is greater, you will see more things. But when the magnification is greater, that field is smaller in size.

What About a Monocular Lens?

You could find a monocular set that is like binoculars but is suitable for only one eye. The layout is similar to what you would find from Tasco telescopes but in a compact form. This offers a lighter and cheaper build while being easy to hold and use. Be advised though that your field of view could be minimal here. You might also wear yourself out quickly when using one of these Zenith products.

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