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Zeiss Fisheye Camera Lens

Zeiss Fisheye Camera Lens

Using a different type of lens can create a unique look and style within your photography. Zeiss manufactures a number of fisheye lenses, which can be used by beginner photographers looking to add creativity to their photography, and by professional photographers looking to create more artistic pictures.

What is a fisheye lens?

A fisheye lens can create an image with almost a bubble-like appearance. The fisheye lens is an ultra wide-angle lens that leads to some level of visual distortion. Instead of lines appearing straight and in normal proportion, things have a curved look to them. The angle of view on a fisheye lens is typically anywhere between 100 and 180 degrees. They were first used to study meteorological concepts because they gave the viewer a complete picture of the sky. Since being first developed, fisheye lenses have been adapted to use with various styles of camera.

What are the different types of fisheye lenses?

While the concept of the different lens is the same, there are a few differences between various categories of fisheye lenses:

  • Circular fisheye lens: When taking pictures with these types of camera lenses, the image is inscribed completely within in the sensor area. When you look at a picture with a circular lens, it appears to be completely round with the corners of the frame being dark. Lenses of this type have a 180-degree vertical angle of view as well as a 180-degree horizontal angle of view.
  • Full-frame fisheye lens: Using this lens is like taking an image with a circular lens and zooming in. The pictures taken with these lenses occupy the entire frame, eliminating any dark areas on the outside of the image. While youll have a fuller frame, the angles of view will be smaller.
What are some examples of fisheye lenses?

Here are a couple of examples with specifications of the fisheye camera lenses that are available:

  • Contax F-Distagon T 16mm f/2.8: This lens was produced for the Contax SLR camera system. All of these types of lenses were produced in West Germany at company factories. They have metal barrels, rubberized focusing rings, and rubberized aperture rings. The aperture ring can be adjusted to anywhere from f-2.8 to f-22. These lenses are 2.75 inches by 2.4 inches and weigh 1 pound. They can be zoomed in to focus at a length of one foot away from the camera.
  • 0.16X Ultra-Wide Fisheye Converter Lens: This fisheye lens can convert a lens into having fisheye capabilities. It can fit 52 mm, 58 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm, and 72 mm lens threads. With the macro attachment in place, you can achieve greater clarity on close-up images.
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