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Yellow Case for iPhone 4s

Brighten Your iPhone 4s With a Yellow Case

Cases provide you with one option for transporting and protecting your iPhone 4s smartphone. There are several ways to choose a yellow cover that suits your needs and your sense of style. Understanding some of the design choices, features, and types of cases that are available and how they can offer protection for your iPhone may help you find the product that is right for you.

What types of iPhone cases can you choose?

Knowing what type of yellow iPhone case fits your needs may be the first step in narrowing your search. Each type of iPhone case uses different design elements and materials to achieve a particular look or texture. Some common types of yellow iPhone cases you may find during your search include:

  • Fitted - This type of case conforms to the precise size of your iPhone 4s.
  • Sleeve - A sleeve is designed to allow you to slide your iPhone into it and out from it without needing to remove a top flap first. The top portion of your phone may be exposed to allow you easier access to it.
  • Wallet - A wallet case may be shaped like a traditional wallet and often feature accessories such as card slots. You may wish to use these slots to keep your cards next to your phone if you conduct many transactions with the cards throughout the day.
What textures are available?

Many yellow iPhone 4s cases have particular surface textures depending on the materials used in their construction. The most common textures you will find during your search include:

  • Hard - Hard cases are constructed from rigid materials such as plastic and used in products such as bumper cases. A hard case may offer your iPhone additional protection against impacts.
  • Soft - Soft cases are made from materials such as leather or silicone and incorporated into products like flip cases or wraps. A soft case may be flexible enough to allow you to adjust your phone without removing it from its case.
What are some common features of yellow iPhone 4s cases?

iPhone cases often incorporate one or more of the following features:

  • Screen protectors - Some cases may feature covers for the screen that aim to provide that part of your phone with an extra measure of protection. While many cases are designed to envelop your entire phone, flip cases have screen protectors you can move up or down independently.
  • Solar chargers - A solar charger attachment may allow you to charge your iPhone using solar energy without having to remove it from its case.
  • Straps - Straps, clips, and buckles provide you with more options for attaching the case to your body.