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Wide Angle Camera Lenses for Sony

What You Should Know Before Selecting a Wide-angle Lens

Sony is a global company that produces camcorders, cameras, and other electronic devices and accessories. When selecting a wide-angle lens for your camcorder, there are different types available and features to consider.

What is a wide-angle camcorder lens?

This style of lens has a short focal length along with a wide field of view. The camcorder can then film a larger area of a scene and is used for architecture, scenery, and other background shots. The focal length on this style is 35 mm or less.

How do you select a wide-angle lens?
  • Select a brand: You can select from the brand that created the Sony video recorder or a variety of other branded and unbranded lenses that are compatible with your model.
  • Choose a focus type: Autofocus types have sensors that connect to the camera to adjust the focus into clarity. Manual types have a dial that allows you to adjust the focus with your hand.
  • Select a focal length: Lower lengths provide a wider angle of view.
What types of wide-angle lenses are available?
  • Wide-angle: This type covers those that have a focal length 35mm or wider on a full-frame camera.
  • Ultrawide-angle: This type ranges a focal length of 24mm and wider on a full-frame camera.
  • Fisheye: This is a type of ultrawide-angle lens that provides a circular image due to visual distortion. The angle of view on this type is between 100 and 180 degrees.
What are the different parts of a wide-angle lens?
  • Glass lens: The outer component allows the light to enter and reach the sensor on the camera. The housing also contains other components that focus the lighting further.
  • Mount: This component connects the unit to the body of the camera. It is designed to connect to a particular model or brand and is primarily made of metal.
  • Focus ring: This dial is featured on types that have manual focuses and some auto-focus styles. By turning the dial, you can adjust the focus on the camera until the image becomes clear in the viewfinder.
What is a wide-angle converter versus a wide lens?

A converter takes an existing lens and reduces the focal length so that the image has a wider field of view. A converter can be used when the frame doesnt use zoom. This type can be used on SLRs that are a single component.

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