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Waterproof Cases for HTC One M8

Waterproof Cases for HTC One M8

Your HTC One M8 is an important part of your everyday life as it contains many functionalities in a portable device. Its important to protect your HTC One from falls, water, scratches, and more. There are many cases out there that will make a difference in keeping your device in great condition, and the color and design options are numerous, giving you many choices to fit your style and needs.

What are water-resistant and waterproof cases?

Having a specialized case can help protect your HTC One from being affected by liquid. A common misconception is that waterproof and water-resistant mean the same thing. However, this isnt the case, so its important to note the differences to pick a case that suits your usage needs.

  • Waterproof: These accessories should keep water from penetrating the case and entering the device at any degree, keeping it completely dry even if the phone becomes briefly submerged in water.
  • Water resistant: A water-resistant case is not completely impervious to water, but its still effective in protecting your HTC One from splashes and other light contact with liquids.
What are waterproof phone cases made out of?

These protective cases may be made out of a variety of materials that are effective in providing protection to your HTC One. These cases sometimes have a hard outer shell that may be made of varying plastics, such as polycarbonate. The inner section of the case often has silicone bumpers and lining to keep the case sealed against the smartphone, preventing water from seeping into the case. Many of these cases have metallic or plastic covers for your earphone jack and charging port. Some varieties, such as various OtterBox cases, incorporate a thin plastic sheet that covers the screen of the HTC, still allowing full use and visibility.

Can you swim with a waterproof case?

Some cases allow you to swim with your HTC One. Before buying the case, consider how youll be using it and look at the proof rating on the HTC and case, ensuring that you find one of these accessories that can withstand long periods under water and certain depths. For swimming, find a case that has a higher rating.

What is a waterproof pouch?

There are some pouches available that fit an HTC One and are effective in keeping your phone dry. These options are great when you dont want to have the case on at all times and just want it to cover your HTC One in situations such as washing the car or relaxing at the pool or beach. These dont fit as snugly to your phone, allowing you to fit your HTC One with another case on it and still put it in and take it out of the pouch.

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