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Waterproof Cases, Covers & Skins for iPhone 6 Plus

Waterproof and Wonderful: Cases for iPhone 6 Plus

Waterproof cases come in a variety of different materials and colors to combine moisture protection with style. Ideal for a concert in the rain, these cases wrap around the entire iPhone. Often, there are flaps or screws to protect ports, jacks, and potential points of entry.

What styles are available?

Waterproof cases are available in 3D, battery, bumper, hybrid, clip, and fitted. Most often, cases wrap around the entire phone, front and back, in order to limit access points for moisture, dirt, and dust. 3D cases may have decorations or embellishments on the back that stick out, away from the case. Battery cases may have chargeable inserts that can extend the battery life of the phone. Almost all waterproof cases have bumpers; instead of ending on the edges of the screen, they cover the entire front and back of the device. Hybrid cases may have features from multiple designs. Clip cases have an attachment at the back for adhering to clothing or bags. All cases are relatively fitted; there is not much room between the case and the phone.

What designs and colors are options?

Designs include glossy, jeweled, matte, metallic, patterned, pictorial, plain, and transparent materials. Glossy, metallic, and jeweled cases have shine to them in various amounts. Matte cases lack shine entirely. Patterned cases showcase prints of various kinds, while pictorial cases include different kinds of images. Plain cases are typically a single color, and clear waterproof cases allow for seeing through to the rear of the device. Color choices include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Multi-color
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
What materials are utilized?

Carbon fiber, leather, metals, rigid plastic, silicone, gel, rubber, and synthetic leather are all options for waterproof cases. Different materials may be involved in the same case. For instance, a case made primarily from hard plastic may have silicone layers inside for absorbing shock.

Are there different layers in a waterproof housing case?

Waterproof housing cases are made from two or three layers, depending on the style. The first layer covers the front screen. If there are three layers, the second is a rubber layer that houses the rear of the phone and is sandwiched by a third layer of hard plastic that snaps or screws into the first front layer. Often, different ports are covered by flaps that snap into place or by screw fasteners. A headphone jack may have a plastic screw that closes into it.

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