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Waterproof Battery Cases for Apple Phones

Selecting the Best Waterproof Battery Cases for Apple Phones

Smart phones are more than just telephones for most people. The device allows individuals to work remotely, surf the net, and even entertain themselves during downtime. A waterproof case helps protect against accidental exposure to water and can help prevent costly repairs and replacements.

Are waterproof battery cases for Apple iPhones universal?

Waterproof battery cases for Apple phones are specific to the make and model of the phone and battery. To get the appropriate waterproof case, its important to know the make and model of the electronic. For example, someone with an iPhone 7 Plus and extended battery would need a case that is compatible to that model. Some cases are compatible with several makes and models.

Will an Apple lightning cable work with this case?

A case with extended battery does not affect the iPhones charging port. It is possible to still access and power the device using the manufacturer lightning charging cable and an extended pack. Using the original charging cord for power can allow the phone to be charged as quickly as possible.

Does a water-resistant pack protect against accidental water submersion?

A water-resistant iPhone case protects the phone from accidental water exposure. A built-in screen reduces the risk of water compromising the integrity of the phone. A water-resistant case does not protect the phone from deep water submersion, though. If the device is submerged in water for any amount of time, the phone power should be turned off. Next, the case should be removed allowing the phone to dry as quickly as possible. To remove the case, follow these instructions:

  • Step One: Find an indent in the plastic pieces
  • Step Two: Carefully pry the plastic pieces apart
Can a screen protector be used with a waterproof case?

Waterproof cases with an extended battery have a screen protector built in. Its important to remove any additional screen protectors before installing the case. If a phone is using an additional screen protector, the waterproof case may not snap together completely. Most cases are designed with two plastic pieces that snap together tightly. If the case does not snap together properly, it may let water or moisture into the phone.

Does touch sensitivity still work with a waterproof case?

Installing a waterproof battery case like a Lifeproof FRE does not affect a phones touch sensitivity. Users can still use Touch ID. Cases are created specifically to allow for touch sensitivity. If problems arise with touch sensitivity after installing the case, users can re-calibrate the sensitivity. Repeating this process usually corrects any issues and allows the device to be fully functional.

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