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Wall Chargers for iPhone 4

Wall Chargers for iPhone 4

Your cell phone may be the device that keeps you most closely connected to the world. It can provide access to social media, bank accounts, and even help in an emergency. A wide range of wall chargers for iPhone 4 are available to keep your phone charged and ready for use.

What is a USB wall charger?

A USB wall charger generally contains two parts. The first part is a USB cable that can be plugged directly into a USB port on a laptop or other device. A number of power strips, as well as airlines and public locations, offer USB ports for charging a wide range of portable devices. The second part of a USB wall charger is a "cube" of some type that can be plugged directly into a standard outlet. This cube contains a USB port that allows you to charge your phone from a standard outlet. Some wall chargers come with a USB cable that connects your phone to the wall charger and some do not. If you buy a wall charger with no USB cable, you will need to buy one separately.

What connector do you need for the iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 was the last generation of iPhone to use a 30-pin connector. There are essentially two types of USB cables you can use with an iPhone 4. If you have a newer lightning cable, you can purchase a lightning-to-30-pin adapter that will allow you to use a lightning cable to charge your iPhone 4. Otherwise, you need a standard 30-pin USB cable that you can plug directly into the phone and the wall charger.

Can you use other wall chargers with an iPhone?

Wall chargers for iPhones are specially designed to deliver 5 volts or 1 amp of power. Chargers for iPads and other tablets are generally designed to deliver 12 volts or 2 amps of power. Apple recommends that you do not use a charger for your phone that delivers more voltage or amperage than the iPhone is designed to absorb. You can use an iPhone wall charger for an iPad or tablet without damaging your device. It will just take longer to charge. However, using a wall charger that can deliver more than 5 volts or 1 amp is not recommended.

Can you use a wall charger in any outlet?

With a USB charger, the cable you use to connect the phone to the wall charger will always remain the same. However, outlet configurations are slightly different around the world. Standard wall chargers for iPhones are made for use in standard outlets throughout North America. If you will be traveling abroad, you can purchase either an adapter to use with a wide range of devices or a wall charger configured specifically for the country you will be visiting.

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