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Hit the Slopes On Volkl Downhill Skis

When theres a fresh layer of powder and the sun is shining, theres nothing quite like spending the day on the ski slopes. If youre looking for a pair of new or used skis on eBay, you can check out the selection of Volkl downhill skis that includes different versions of the Volkl mantra skis.

What are the features of an all-mountain ski?

If youre an experienced skier who wants a performance product that can be used in any type of conditions, from heavy snow to ice, there are several factors you might want to consider, including:

  • Stiffness: Skis need to have a strong core to provide stability. Volkl Mantra skis have a wood core made out of beech and poplar and a titanal frame for damping and strength. In this style of frame, metal is used, but the metal pieces that are used in the tips and tail dont fully connect. This is done to provide better flex, to maximize the sweet spot, and to reduce overall weight.
  • Rockered profile: Fully rockered skis are more ideal for powder. Because their shape leads to a shorter running length, many prefer a slightly less rockered profile. The Volkl Mantras released for the 2018-2019 season have a camber underfoot plus some tip and tail rocker, making them better suited for harder surfaces. Many of the previous years’ releases, in contrast, had a fully rockered profile.

Size options

Some prefer shorter skis for their smaller turning radiuses, especially if they may occasionally take on moguls. Others look for speed and go with a longer ski. Choices for the Volkl Mantra, which have a tip width of 134 millimeters, a waist width of 96 millimeters, and a tail width of 117 millimeters, include the following:

  • 170cm with a 17.9m turning radius
  • 177cm with a 19.8m turning radius
  • 184cm with a 21.2m turning radius
  • 191cm with a 23.3m turning radius

See the manufacturer’s site for details.

Manta V.Werks

Another option from the company is the V.Werks ski. These skis have a full carbon jacket construction, and theyre very lightweight, letting them better handle the unexpected terrain that comes with freeriding. They come with a P-Tx 4500 base, a multilayer wood core, and have a tip and tail rocker shape. Since you might be deep in snow when you go off the trail, it can be a benefit to have the ICE.OFF top sheet technology that comes on skis like the V.Werks noes. The top sheet reduces icing, letting you keep the weight off.

Whether the end of summer or winter draws near, bringing changes in weather and activity,Seasonal sales give you the opportunity to stock up and ensure youre ready for fun when they roll around again.

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