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Vintage and Classic Car & Truck Interior Parts

Vintage Car and Truck Interior Parts

Its likely that your vintage car or truck is a source of pride and joy, and you probably spend many enjoyable hours working on repairs, attending car shows, and keeping the exterior shining. Once the engine and exterior of the vehicle is cleaned up, its time to work on the interior parts and accessories. Take a look at the parts and accessories available to keep the inside of your car in great shape.

Are there universal accessories for all sedans?

There are some interior parts and accessories that can be used for any car or trucks interior. Examples include one-size-fits-all floor mats and standard-sized steering-wheel covers. Some interior parts, such as seat covers, will be specially designed to fit the manufacturers specifications for the vehicles specific make and model. You can find your car or trucks make and model by looking on the back of your vehicle, where youll usually find the models nameplate attached to the trunk. You may also have this information on a panel inside the drivers side door.

How do you clean up the interior of your vehicle?

Before installing replacement interior parts and accessories, its advisable to perform some basic cleaning. Things to take care of include:

  • Dirt: Dirt can be cleaned up using a vacuum with attachment parts. After vacuuming, consider a vacuumed wash cycle to eliminate spilled liquids or smells.
  • Dust: Common dust-gathering spots include parts such as the dash, instrument panels, doors, and the steering wheel. You can wipe the dust off with a damp rag.
  • Physical damage: Interior physical damage can be handled by replacing the parts with original-equipment-manufacturer parts designed for your vehicle.
What parts are available to protect your vehicle?

The dash, panels, and doors can easily be protected with a cleanser designed to protect against dust and debris.

  • Steering wheel: Washable steering wheel covers are available to protect this vital part from liquids, grease, and other debris. These accessories prevent those items from causing your hands to lose their grip.
  • Seats: If the interior seats of your vehicle are looking a little beat up, consider replacement seat covers. The parts will protect the seats themselves while making them look new.
  • Floorboards: Protect your car or trucks interior by placing down accessories such as floor mats. When they get a little too grungy, you can wash both the vinyl as well as fabric mats when necessary.
  • Trunk: If your truck has a bed cover, you can use a trunk floor mat liner to protect the interior of the bed. These mat liners are also available for sedan trunks to protect them from physical damage.