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Unbranded Ink Cartridges for Canon

What to Look for in Generic Printer Ink Cartridges for Canon

Canon printers are designed to complete a variety of functions, including printing, copying, and more, but none of it would be possible without printer ink. Generic printer ink cartridges for Canon printers can differ in size, ink color, and more. It is important to consider what type of printer you have - inkjet or laser - and your printing needs before purchasing a compatible ink cartridge.

What are PIXMA ink cartridges?

Canon PIXMA inkjet printers are a special line of printers designed to produce high-quality documents and photos. Their PIXMA products use ink cartridges that are designed solely for PIXMA products. These cartridges are designed with specialized print heads and technology to increase the printing speed and to ensure maximal printing quality. These cartridges are also utilized in a way that prevents excess energy consumption and reduces paper waste. As they are manufactured by Canon, they are compatible cartridges for the Canon printers.

What colors do ink cartridges come in?

Printer ink cartridges for Canon can print in black and white, color, or both. Black and white printers utilize only one color of ink, which is black. A generic ink cartridge for a color printer utilizes four different colors, and these ink cartridges are often referred to as CMYK model cartridges. This acronym stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key. Cyan is a bright blue, magenta is a bright red, the yellow color is very vibrant, and the key color is black. These four colors can be combined to create any color that is desired. Many CMYK cartridges are sold as a pack of four. Often, however, the key replacement ink, which is the black cartridge, is also sold individually as it often runs out faster than the other three colors.

Is there a difference between ink cartridges and toner?

These two cartridges are often considered identical in functionality. However, these two products are actually different in function and their use depends on the specific printer being used.

  • Ink cartridges: These are designed to be used on Canons inkjet printers. These printers incorporate a large number of microscopic ink heads that place tiny droplets on the paper as it goes past to create the desired image. These ink cartridges are filled with liquid ink.
  • Toner cartridges: These are used by laser printers. These printers use an electrostatic charge that causes the ink to stick to a template that is etched onto the paper by a laser. Toner comes in the form of a powder.

What is a Canon OEM ink cartridge?

The term OEM is short for original equipment manufacturer. This is used to describe replacement products that are designed and produced by the same company that produced the original product. In the case of these ink cartridges, OEM products are those that are produced by Canon and not by other companies that produce generic parts.

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