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Ultra High Definition Camcorders

Live in High-Definition with 4K Cameras

If you need HD quality video, 4K cameras bring photo-realistic video resolution to the table. The category includes products such as handheld home movie camcorders, action cameras, underwater cameras, and cameras designed to be mounted on aerial drones.

What is a 4K camera?

The 4K designation refers to the maximum pixel width of a cameras video frame. 4K simply means a camera has 4,000 pixel-wide video recording capability. This level of resolution is also sometimes called "full" or "ultra" HD. It was developed to achieve a crisper picture on big-screen TVs.

What features should you consider when shopping for 4K cameras?

Theres a variety of 4K cameras designed with different uses in mind. Below are some of the features to look for when choosing the one thats right for your needs.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Wireless networking makes transferring video data to computers more convenient, and it makes live streaming over the Internet possible.
  • Audio quality: Camcorders designed for movie production will have better audio recording than other types of cameras. To make sure that cameras record audio well in windy conditions, check their audio recording specs if you’ll be shooting outdoors.
  • Magnification: The camera’s lens and digital software combine to achieve a maximum magnification for picture and video shooting. Consider the distances you need to shoot from when deciding the magnification that you’ll need.
  • Storage capacity: This determines the length of videos the camera can store at one time before youll need to swap its memory media.
  • Mounting options: Cameras can be handheld with simple tripod mounts or come with more elaborate mounting options to accommodate aerial drones and other automated systems.
What kinds of 4K cameras are available?
  • Action cameras: Cameras like the GoPro HERO fall into this category. They are designed for general purpose outdoor movie-making. They can be mounted on moving objects like vehicles, drones, or helmets to capture high speed action or documentary video, and they are designed with possible falls and impacts in mind. The lens is usually enclosed in a protective case.
  • Waterproof cameras: When you want to record high quality videos in wet weather or under water, these are the cameras to choose for the task. Underwater cameras are rated to withstand certain water depths, so check a cameras specs if you plan to take it deeper than a few feet.
  • Handheld camcorders: Camcorders are specifically designed for movie-making and include longer lens and production-grade microphones to capture video at various distances and lighting with high-quality audio.