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USB Type Mini-B Female Computer Cables

Important Facts to Know About Type Mini B Female USB Cables

Some tablets, cameras, and other electronic devices use USB mini-B cables to connect to another piece of equipment, such as a computer. Learning the facts about these female USB cables will help you purchase the right connectors or adapters for your devices.

What is the shape of a USB mini B plug?

A USB mini B has a shape that is fairly rectangular. There is a portion at the top that sticks out farther than the rest of the port, but its sides run straight up and down. This is in contrast to USB mini-A ports, which have angled sides and are trapezoidal in shape.

These cable ends have five pins. The role of one of these pins is to make the USB cables compatible with USB On-The-Go technology.

Are mini USB cables compatible with other USB sizes?

USB ports come in three sizes. Standard is the largest of the three sizes. Mini, which is significantly smaller than standard, is the middle size. Micro, which is just a bit smaller than mini, is the most compact of the three.

USB mini B accessories are not necessarily compatible with standard USB type-B components or USB micro-B ones. With an adapter cable, you can connect one size to another.

What connector goes on the opposite end of female adapters?

A female USB plug is a port that receives a male connector. When the female plug is included as part of an adapter cable, there is another port or connector on the other end of the device. A female adapter may be connected to one of the following:

  • A female end of the same size: If you need to connect two devices with male ports, a USB adapter with two female ends can connect them.
  • A male end of the same size: This type of USB adapter often serves as an extension cable.
  • A male or female end of a different size: With a female adapter, you can link two devices that wouldnt normally have compatible connectors.
What types of devices use mini-B cables?

Although most computers and large devices of that sort have type-A standard USB female ports, many of the USB cables that connect smaller devices to computers have mini ends. Peripheral devices that sometimes have USB mini-B female ports include:

  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Phones
  • Hard drives
What connection speed does mini-B use?

USB cable speed is denoted by a number. Common speed numbers are 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. In general, mini-B technology has only been designed for the 2.0 speed, but these cables are usually backward-compatible for use with 1.0 or 1.1 speeds.

Occasionally, you may be able to find 3.0 speeds in these cables, but this is not a standard arrangement. Because 3.0 cables have more pins, they cannot be plugged into 2.0 female ports even if their outer shape is the same. See the manufacturer site for details.