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TracFone Flip Cell Phones & Smartphones

Buying TracFone Flip Cell Phones and Smartphones

Prepaid cell phone plans give you the ability to control what types of services you use and how much data you need all while avoiding a long-term commitment. TracFone flip cell phones and smartphones include many of the same brands found through contract-only carriers and offer similar capabilities. You may choose to purchase a TracFone model or activate your own compatible device.

What network does TracFone use?

Prepaid cell phone providers such as TracFone toggle major carriers networks. Both GSM and CDMA services are utilized for different phones. Most older wireless phones such as flip phones use GSM. However, the outdated GSM format is quickly being replaced by CDMA as a means of keeping up with smartphones and changing technology.

What styles of phones are available?

TracFone compatible devices include a wide variety of modern flip phones and smartphones at different price points. Both Android and iPhone models are compatible with its services. However, if you want to bring your own device to TracFone, you should first contact customer service to make sure that your specific model will work on the network. Otherwise, you may purchase a TracFone verified device for guaranteed compatibility.

How do you bring your own device?

When it comes to wireless carriers, bringing your own smartphone or other device to a new service provider can seem confusing at first. By following these few simple steps you can quickly ensure that your phone will work on the network and get it up and running in just a few minutes.

  • Call TracFone customer service to determine compatibility or visit their website and enter your phones model number.
  • If applicable, call your current provider to make sure that your contract is over.
  • Purchase and insert a TracFone smartphone SIM card.
  • Transfer your phone number or request a new one.
  • Restart your phone to activate your new service.
How do you keep your phone number?

If you want to keep your current phone number, virtually any number can be transferred to TracFone. To do this, simply call customer service. Make sure you have your Android, iPhone, or flip phone on-hand prior to calling. In order to port your phone number, a customer service representative may need you to restart your phone. In addition to this, they may need your permission to contact your old service provider before they can complete the transfer. Typically, this entire process takes only a few minutes.

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