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TigerShark Personal Watercraft Covers

Your Arctic Cat TigerShark personal watercraft is a piece of marine automotive history. You want to keep your PWC looking and running its best, and covers are a great way to do that. Whether you’re storing your PWC indoors or outdoors or towing it along with your boat, the right cover will deliver the complete protection you need.

What do TigerShark covers for personal watercraft protect against?

Personal watercraft covers are generally used when the PWC is on a trailer. Covers protect your TigerShark personal watercraft from the elements as well as from contact with humans and animals. They also provide protection from various road hazards during transport. Many covers are rated by their manufacturers or third parties in order to indicate how much protection the covers provide against common risks such as:

  • Rain
  • Dust
  • Wind
  • Moisture
  • Snow and ice
  • Ultraviolet rays
What is a contoured fit for a TigerShark personal watercraft?

Covers that are contoured will fit your TigerShark model precisely. Contoured covers will even have tailored mirror pockets and handlebar outcroppings. Therefore, choosing a contoured fit requires that you do so based on the make, model, sub-model, and year of your personal watercraft.

Is non-contoured tailoring an option?

Since TigerShark personal watercraft are no longer in production, semi-custom and universal covers that fit these PWCs are more prevalent. A semi-custom cover for your personal watercraft won’t be contoured, but the fit will be close, and you’ll be able to choose it based on the model rather than on the PWC dimensions. If you opt for a universal fit, then you need to measure length, width, and height, and you should choose a cover that comes as close to those measurements as possible.

Does PWC cover selection differ for indoor and outdoor storage?

A more breathable material and fit is generally appropriate for indoor storage. For outdoors, you want watercraft covers that are able to be used with trailers and that provide maximum protection against water, wind, ultraviolet rays, and more.

How are TigerShark covers installed?

The front of most covers for personal watercraft and boats are labeled. Lower the handlebars, and push out any pockets if the cover is contoured. Install the front side, drape the cover over, and then install the back end. Finally, secure any straps or buckles, and be sure to do so under the PWC hull rather than on the trailer itself.

How are TigerShark personal watercraft covers cleaned and maintained?

When you take it from the water, let the watercraft dry before covering. Consider an anti-mold spray for extended storage. If you need to clean the cover for your personal watercraft by hand, cleansers are available for this purpose.