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Telescoping Boom Photo Studio Light Stands

Boom! Using a Different Kind of Photo Studio Light Stand

Telescoping boom photo studio light stands offer enhanced functionality for photography shoots. With an adjustable boom arm, you can exert more precise control over your light source to capture the image you desire. Boom stands are available in a variety of heights.

What is this kind of light stand for?

A photography studio light stand with a boom allows for more adjusting and customizing of light placement. Rather than having to keep the light bulb in place on top of a stand, you can move the boom arm around to position the beam in the most effective spot. The range of different heights allows not only for different subject placements, but also for complete control over how the subject will be illuminated.

Are these studio light stands adjustable?

This type of light stand is available in several configurations. Most often, a tripod at the bottom supports a long pole, often adjustable, that the boom arm connects to. The arm can then be swiveled back and forth to suit the photographers needs. Most light stands are black.

What materials are used to make these light stands?

Telescoping boom photo studio light stands are commonly made from different types of plastic and metal. They need to be heavy enough to accommodate the weight of the bulbs. Often, the center core of metal has an outer coating of plastic for relatively easy care and maintenance.

What are the maximum extension ratings for these stands?

Telescoping boom photo studio light stands are available with maximum extension ratings of up to 4 feet, 5-6 feet, 7-8 feet, and 9-10 feet. The appropriate height for the photography studio light depends on the subject being photographed, desired light angles, and desired exposure.

How do you care for a telescoping boom light stand?

Care depends on the materials utilized in pole construction.

  • Metal can typically be wiped down with a mixture of soap and warm water and promptly dried to prevent rusting.
  • Plastic poles and legs can be wiped down either with soap and water or with a disinfecting wet wipe in order to rid the light of dust and debris as well as kill any bacteria that lingers there.
  • Dry the poles thoroughly. If staining or spilling occurs, feel free to use a sponge and scrub a little more aggressively to clean the area.
  • Poles and legs should be shielded from excess heat and light whenever possible to prevent discoloration.