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Telephoto Camera Lens for Panasonic

Take Great Shots With the Telephoto Lens for Panasonic Camcorder

When taking video of wildlife, you often cant get very close without scaring it away. A telephoto lens on your camera will narrow the field, but it will also magnify the wildlife so that it can be seen better. Panasonic has a variety of telephoto lenses to do this for you.

What kind of Panasonic telephoto lens are there?

The Panasonic telephoto lens comes in different types. The prime lens only has one focal length. For different amounts of magnification, you have to have different size prime telephoto lenses. A zoom is a lens that can be adjusted for magnification. You can also get a lens for a wide angle for your Panasonic camera or camcorder. The wide angle lens allows a wider view with a zoom lens.

What size Panasonic telephoto camera lens can you get?

The telephoto zoom lenses come in several sizes: 14-42mm, 20-50mm, 35-100mm, 45-175mm, and 50-200mm. A prime lens for a Panasonic camera or camcorder can be found in many sizes starting at 8mm up to 67mm.

What factors are important when using a telephoto lens?

Using a telephoto lens on your Panasonic camcorder or camera isnt as easy as you may think. If you have focused on a deer in a clearing, the greater the magnification, the larger the subject. However, there are some things to consider that will make videoing easier. You can be creative in your use of the different perspectives and technology to achieve the effect you want.

  • Tip 1: The greater the magnification you are using, the less your subject has to move in order to disappear from your cameras view. Its easier to track a race car in constant forward motion than a rabbit that is moving back and forth without warning.
  • Tip 2: The magnification of a Panasonic telephoto camcorder or camera lens will also magnify any movement of the camcorder. For this reason, you will get a better video if you place your camera or camcorder on a tripod. This will help reduce the movement.
  • Tip 3: Remember that perspective will be different with a telephoto camera lens. The greater the magnification, the closer together things look. This can be used to advantage if you need a photo of two objects close together that really are not close together. Get the first object several feet closer to you than the other object, and they will appear to be next to each other even though theyre not.
  • Tip 4: The greater the magnification, the greater the depth of field. This means that even though the deer you are focusing on is several feet farther away than its fawn, both can still be in focus. The greater the magnification of your camera lens, the farther apart they can be.
Is a filter necessary for a Panasonic telephoto lens?

You dont have to have one, but many people do. A filter provides protection for your lens as well as blocking some of the light from your camera that may cause a reflection on your pictures or videos.

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