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Sony SxS Camera Memory Cards

Expand Your Digital Photo Collection With Sony SxS Camera Memory Cards

Sony SxS flash memory cards and SD cards are removable storage accessories you can use with your digital cameras. You may want to purchase extra memory to store your growing collection of videos and digital photos or to use as replacement cards when necessary. These cards are available in a range of dimensions, storage capacities, memory types, and styles

What memory card capacities can you choose?

You may have specific space requirements for your digital memory. Whether you need to take and store several videos or many photo albums all at once, knowing some of the common storage space options for these items might help you choose the ones that suit your needs. Smaller sizes will still store many photos from your everyday life or a recent vacation adventure while larger sizes may be able to store both photo albums and videos as necessary. Some common storage capacity options for SD camera cards include:

  • 8 GB.
  • 16 GB.
  • 32 GB.
  • 64 GB.
  • 128 GB.
  • 256 GB.
What does the class on an SD card mean?

Most SD cards will have a class rating printed somewhere on their outer shells. A speed class rating gives you a general idea of how quickly the card can transfer the raw video or photographic data from your camera to itself. All transfer speed ratings will depend on whether you have an SDHC or SDXC memory card. SDHC stands for secure digital high capacity; SHXC stands for secure digital extended capacity.

High definition is a shooting mode that produces a 1920x1080 pixel HD-quality photo. If you have a card with a high rating, you may be able to take several high-definition photos in rapid succession and save them to your memory card as quickly as possible. You can use a card of the class recommended for your camera or try a higher one. The standard class ratings include:

  • Class 2: This class may be suitable for standard-definition photography or video recording purposes.
  • Class 4: This class may work for taking high-definition shots or video.
  • Class 6: This class can save several high-definition photos or video segments and write them to the card in succession.
  • Class 10: This class may be fast enough for full HD photos and video recording.

There are also Class 1 and Class 3 ultra-high-speed options designed for professional use.

What are the dimensions of a typical memory card?

Many standard cards share the same physical dimensions in order to maximize their compatibility with your cameras and other devices. You can see the manufacturer site for details on specific items. However, common dimensions for standard cards are a width of 43 mm, a length of 36 mm, and a thickness of 3.3 mm.

How do you format a card?

The operation of each digital camera is different and may require specific steps to format your card. However, you may be able to use the steps below as a general guide to formatting most SD cards:

  • Insert the card: Place the memory card in the appropriate slot in your camera.
  • Power up: Turn on your camera.
  • Playback: Switch the camera mode to playback.
  • Choose format: Select the formatting option from the menu to complete the process.
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