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Sony Hi8 Camcorders

What is a Hi8 Camcorder?

Hi8 is a kind of video cassette tape format that provides analog and video but also has provisions for digital audio. Sony has a range of Hi8 camcorders for you to choose from if this is a format that you like to shoot with.

What are the Features of an Hi8 tape?

Before choosing a Hi8 camera, it is good to know the features and specifications, so you can understand how the Hi8 tapes work and what quality you are getting.

  • Video Quality: In the analog world, Hi8 cassettes have quality. The luminance resolution is 420 horizontal lines, or 560 by 480 resolution, similar to that of a laser disc.
  • Audio quality: Hi8 is able to work with digital audio, capable of recording digital PCM stereo as well as analog AFM audio tracks.
  • Audio support: Hi8 camcorders have PCM multi audio support mode.

What are Some of the Sony Hi8 Camcorder Models?

Just some of the models that you can find here on eBay are:

  • CCDTRV018: This Hi8 video camera has 20x optical zoom and 460x digital zoom making it great for shooting far away objects. It has a 2.5-inch color LCD screen and has NightShot infrared mode for low-light shooting.
  • CCDTRV88: This camcorder has a 3-inch LCD and black and white EVF. The image stabilization feature allows you to capture video with clarity while using the 20x optical and 28x digital zoom. You can find a number of special effects to make custom creations.
  • CCDTRV318: This handycam model has SteadyShot image stabilization and a massive 560x digital zoom plus 20x optical zoom. It has the NightShot infrared feature, a built-in light and easy dubbing features.

Can You Transfer Video from Hi8 Tapes to VHS or DVD?

You can view video from your Hi8 tapes by connecting the camcorder to your TV through the AV output connections. In order to record that video onto a DVD or VHS tape, you will need to connect the camcorder to the machine but not the TV, using the appropriate video/audio cables outlined the manufacturers manual. One you have your VHS tape or DVD ready, you can push record, and then push play on your camcorder. Do it in this order just in case the camcorder takes a moment to start playing. When you are finished recording, you can push stop on both the player and the camcorder and then you will need to double check that the recording took place before deleting any important memories off the Hi8 tape.

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