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Why Are Home Telephone Handsets Important?

In a world of smartphones, you may think that having a landline is a thing of the past. However, having a house phone is still incredibly common in many households, and can actually be a cheaper and easier way to have those all-important conversations. If youu001aÄôre a business owner or your area has dodgy signal, then investing in a landline will make sure you are always reachable.

What Are the Features to Look for in a Cordless Telephone?

  • Frequency range: With modern cordless phones, it is reasonable to expect the range to extend throughout your house and even into the yard, under favorably conditions. This makes it possible to use your landline phone within a range of 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors. Frequency range is however limited by interference from other devices that emit radio waves. Sony cordless phone is an example of a DECT phone that can operate at a frequency range of 900MHz. However, we have GHz cordless phones that operate at a frequency of 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz.
  • Conversation Security: Cordless phones communicate by transmitting radio signals that anyone can pick up with a similar radio or police scanner. Unlike digital phones, cordless phones offer protection from eavesdropping by employing randomly selected security codes that continuously relay between the base and handset.
  • Convenience features: Cordless phones come with a multitude of features found in the wired models, like built-in digital answering machines, caller ID, text-to-speech, call barring, Bluetooth, speed or memory dialing, dual keypads, speakerphone for hands-free operation, paging or intercom function, night-mode, and battery life, rechargeability, and backup battery.
  • The number of handsets: For a small home, a single handset is ideal. But larger homes may require multiple handset cordless phones that support several handsets from a single base.

What Are Features Available on a Sony 900MHz Cordless Phone?

These phones use digital spread spectrum and have a digital base privacy keyboard. the advantages of these handsets include clear signal with minimal interference, come with a handy jog dial for one-finger access to numbers stored in memory or the Caller ID box, stores up to 50 frequently dialed numbers and the answering machine uses a digital memory for up to 16 seconds of an outgoing message, along with a small cassette for incoming messages. You can record a new outgoing message and listen to all the incoming ones from the hand-held remote or even another phone. With that said, now lets look at the key features

  • 900 MHz digital spread spectrum with digital privacy
  • Jog dial with 50-number directory
  • Base keypad with speakerphone
  • Caller ID call waiting with 20-call memory
  • Dual LCD displays, on base and handset

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