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Silicone/Gel/Rubber Cell Phone Cases for Motorola Moto X

Choosing the Right Silicone, Gel, and Rubber Cell Phone Cases for Your Motorola Moto X

When your Motorola phone needs a new cell phone case and you want to find a protective case that is slim and durable, you may find that designs range widely, from chunky and waterproof to sleek and matte. Cases made out of materials designed to flex and move often provide protection to absorb shock effectively. Silicone, gel, TPU, and rubber cell phone cases for Motorola Moto X phones are available in a variety of different styles.

What features are available for the Motorola Moto X?

Protective silicone, gel, and rubberized cell cases are available. Each have different features. Card pockets, holsters, snap-on, kickstands, wallet, anti-scratch, lightweight materials, screen protectors, shock proofing, waterproofing, and clips are just a few. Card pockets can accommodate a variety of different essentials like IDs or credit cards for a convenient night out. Kickstands peel away from the rest of the case and are typically mounted at the bottom rear in order to allow the device to stand freely. Slim and lightweight materials are utilized in order to keep cases as functional as possible. Screen protectors are utilized in housing cases that wrap around the entire phone, front and back.

Shock proofing often refers to a layer of silicone or gel inside the case that serves to absorb extra impact. Waterproofing is another common feature of housing cases that entirely encompass the device and often covers jacks and ports as well. Limiting points of entry help to decrease the odds that moisture will make its way into the device. Belt clips can be mounted on the back of a silicone, gel, or rubber case in order to attach it to a belt loop, pocket, or bag.

What finishes and colors are available for silicone cases?

These types of cases can be glossy, jeweled, matte, patterned, pictorial, plain, or transparent depending on the specific materials utilized. Glossy cases are often made with rubber that resembles plastic. A transparent case allows the viewer to see straight through to the back of the phone and may give off some shine. Jeweled cases include rhinestones of various sizes, shapes, and patterns. Matte cases are often made from silicone; they have no shine but are smooth to the touch. Plain cases are usually a single color, while patterned and pictorial cases may be a multitude of colors. Patterns typically repeat themselves across the back of the case, while pictorial cases have one image that does not repeat.

Some color choices may include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Multi-color
  • Pink
  • Clear
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
What types of silicone and polycarbonate cases are there?

Bumper, hybrid, clip, flip, and fitted cases are all options. Bumper cases wrap around the sides of a phone and just onto the front edge in order to provide a scratch resistant barrier between the front of the phone and any surface it is placed upon. Hybrid cases may include features from multiple case types. Clip cases can be fastened to clothing or accessories. Fitted cases typically fit tightly to the phone and allow spaces for utilizing buttons and controls.

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