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Shocks and Struts for the Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is a compact car made by Subaru since 1992, offering four-door and five-door versions with off-road appearance packages for a hardy, adventurous look in a family car. The vehicles suspension system keeps its ride comfortable and safe over potholes, bumps, and other roadway hazards; shocks and struts keep your Impreza running well. You can find an array of replacement and performance parts from a range of manufacturers to fit your Impreza.

What are shocks, struts, and springs?

Shocks, struts, and springs are at the core of your vehicles suspension system. This system keeps your Impreza moving cleanly and comfortably over bumpy roadways, uneven pavement, and other hazards. It not only helps to provide a comfortable ride for drivers and passengers, but also protects the Imprezas brake system, tires, undercarriage, and other parts from damage caused by roadway jarring and impacts. The main parts of this shock absorbing system are the following:

  • Shocks: Shock absorbers use hydraulic fluid and a piston to absorb the energy of roadway impacts as you drive over bumps and holes. The shocks contain the energy and bounce produced by the springs and prevent the vehicle from swaying and rolling as you drive.
  • Struts: These are a structural part of your Imprezas suspension. They connect directly to the chassis of the vehicle as well as the coil springs. These work to manage the energy of the road by making use of hydraulic fluid.
  • Springs: Coil springs are made from steel and wound into a familiar spiral shape. These help the vehicle to absorb and distribute energy picked up from the bumps and unevenness of the roadway. They are durable and long-lasting.
How often should you replace Subaru Impreza shocks and struts?

Shocks and struts get a lot of use on the roadways. The more you drive over uneven terrain or potholes, the more stress that is placed on your suspension. You should have your Impreza inspected at least every 50,000 miles to ensure that your shock absorbers and struts are in good shape. Of course, you can also choose to replace your shocks and struts with performance suspension parts for extra sharp handling. When you replace your shocks or struts, you should always do so as a full front or full rear pair.

How do you know shocks and struts need replacement?

As your shocks and struts absorb wear from the road, there are some signs that make it apparent that suspension service and replacement is necessary. Some of these signs include the following:

  • Bouncy ride: When your Impreza starts to experience a much bouncier ride, your worn shocks and struts may not be providing the protection you need.
  • Tire cupping: Shocks and struts keep your tires wearing evenly. When your tires start to show uneven wear from bouncing, it could mean your shocks and struts need replacement.
  • Dipping and diving: When your Impreza dips in the front while braking or the rear while accelerating, this can indicate that the shocks are worn out. You can also see this when the car dives to one side while turning.