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SCSI 50-Pin Female to Female Computer Drive Cables & Adapters

Reliable SCSI 50 Pin Female to Female Drive Cables and Adapters

SCSI 50-pin female-to-female drive cables and adapters allow you to efficiently create an internal connection from your computer to compatible peripheral devices. Internal SCSI cables are available in various colors and styles from many different manufacturers and brands. Internal SCSI cables are also available as unbranded, and they feature a ribbon-like appearance and varied cable lengths.

What is SCSI?

SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface. Found on cables and devices, this is a widely implanted set of standards for internal connecting and transferring of data between a computer system and peripheral devices. This interface is most commonly found in tape drives and hard disk drives. However, SCSI and it successors, SCSI 2 and SCSI 3, allow you to connect to a wide range of peripheral devices. Below are the types of peripheral devices that you can connect with this interface. You should check to see if your peripheral device is compatible with SCSI cables.

  • Input devices: These devices send data or instructions to a computer. Examples of such devices include a mouse, keyboard, image scanner, microphone, digital camera, and a webcam.
  • Output devices: These devices provide output from a computer. Examples of such devices include a monitor, printer, and a computer speaker.
  • Input/output devices: Both can send data or instructions to your computer and provide output information. Examples of these devices include computer data storage devices or a touchscreen interface.
What does "50-pin" mean?

Pins are small electrical connections that are found on the connectors of cables, devices, adapters, and interfaces, including SCSI cables. The term 50-pin means that these SCSI cables and adapters have connectors with 50 pins. The pins on these connectors are aligned horizontally on two long rows of 25 pins each. The 50-pin connector will be found on both ends of the cable.

What is VHDCI?

VHDCI stands for very-high-density cable interconnect. This connector has 68 pins and is used on SCSI 3, a successor to SCSI 2. Some adapters will have a VHDCI connector along with other interfaces like SCSI 2. However, it is important to look at the adapter listing to see if that VHDCI connector is offered on the product.

Which version of the product is right for you?

The SCSI female-to-female cable or adapter should be compatible with both your computer and the peripheral device you wish to connect. Therefore, you should first check the SCSI interface on your computer and peripheral device. Then, check the SCSI cable title to check the SCSI version offered (SCSI 1, SCSI 2, or SCSI 3).

What does "female to female" mean?

Connectors on cables or devices can be either male or female. Male connectors have a pin interface that protrudes while female connectors have a pin interface that is sunken. The SCSI cable and adapters offered have 50-pin female connectors, which means your computer and device should have 50-pin male connectors for compatibility.