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Frequently Asked Questions About Sanyo Sprint Flip Cell Phones

The classic flip phone may be less common than the smartphone nowadays, but the flip phone offers a number of positive advantages for calling friends and family, browsing the web, and staying in touch with important people. Without a lot of the smartphones bells and whistles, the flip phone keeps communication simple and straightforward. The Sanyo flip phone may meet your needs when youre looking for a phone that does the essentials in a chic and stylish package.

What is a flip phone?

Originally based on the futuristic communicators in "Star Trek," the flip phone is a handheld mobile phone made of two parts that join in the middle with a hinge. The top half of the cellular device displays the mobile phones screen, while the keyboard section is located on the bottom half. Designed similar to a clamshell, the cellular device folds in the middle and closes up when you are through talking.

What are some advantages of the Sanyo flip phone?
  • User-friendliness: For many mobile phone customers, all the apps and functions of the latest smartphones can make a simple device seem tech-heavy. By contrast, flip phones may appeal to many phone customers who prefer to focus mostly on voice and text communication. The keyboard layout and essential phone functions will already be familiar to most users of traditional landlines. Many customers will appreciate the ease of keeping important phone numbers in a contact list stored in the device itself.
  • Resilience: Because the screen nestles up against the keyboard when the phone is not in use, the clamshell design helps to protect the screen when the Sanyo Sprint cellular device is closed.
  • Size: The flip phone is generally small and portable. For example, the Sanyo PRO-200 model measures 4 inches high by 1.7 inches wide by 0.7 inches thick, making it easy to fit into most pockets or purses. Some thinner-profile Sprint models appeal to customers who like a streamlined design. See the manufacturer’s site for more details.
  • Accessibility: Many phones offer customers important accessibility features such as TTY/TDD, adjustable text sizes, voice-activated dialing, and hearing aid compatibility. Please check the specifications of your individual cell phone model to ensure your full satisfaction.
What are some technical features for the Sprint flip phone?
  • Sprint network: These Sanyo flip phones feature carrier service plans through the Sprint network. Sprint offers a number of different advantages and plans depending on individual preference. Please review the Sprint carriers specifications carefully before purchase to help ensure satisfaction with your individual plan.
  • Bluetooth: Flip phones such as the Sanyo Katana II SCP-6650 Sprint cell phone feature Bluetooth connectivity, which enables connection with wireless devices.
  • Internet: A number of flip phones on the Sprint network offer internet connectivity. The internet access feature makes it possible for Sprint carrier plan users to check email and browse the web.
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