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Rossignol Skis

Rossignol Downhill Skis

Whether you enjoy spending your days skiing at a mountain resort or in the backcountry, it helps to have a quality pair of skis. Rossignol has been heavily involved in skiing for more than 100 years, and it creates numerous high-end skis, including all-mountain, freeride, freestyle, and racing skis. With the many Rossignol ski options available, you can find a pair to match your skiing skill level and needs.

What kinds of Rossignol skis are there?

  • All-Mountain: Rossignols all-mountain-style skis are a versatile choice for the all-around skier. They offer great performance in many snow conditions, from groomers to powder. These skis generally have a higher tip on the front of the ski compared to the tail.
  • Freeride: This Rossignol ski is great for skiers who like to ski off the groomed runs and spend more time in the backcountry on powder. These skis are often a bit longer, providing more stability. They are often stiffer than other skis as well.
  • Freestyle: These skis are often shorter, providing more maneuverability, and are well-suited to park runs. This Rossignol ski has durable edges and can perform well on many slope features, including rails and boxes, as these skis offer more flexibility.
  • Racing: Rossignols racing skis are often skinnier in the middle of the ski around the bindings and then wider at the ends. This results in a smaller turn radius and better carving. This ski design allows for tight, quick turns and high speeds on groomed runs.

What size skis do you need?

The appropriate ski length varies widely from skier to skier. Generally, your skis should reach somewhere between your chin and the top of your head when you are standing. Womens skis are often shorter in size than mens because of this. Rossignols shorter skis allow for quick turning, making them good picks for beginners. Longer-size skis are useful for skiers with more experience because they allow for better performance and more stability at higher speeds.

What types of bindings are there?

Bindings can either be drill-mounted or track-mounted. Track-mounted bindings come pre-attached to the skis and are adjustable to fit different sizes of boots. Drill-mounted bindings are mounted on skis specifically for your boots but offer flexibility when selecting your binding.

What is a rocker?

A rocker is one shape of the skis when they are lying flat on the ground, and this can be either a rocker or a camber shape. A rocker is recommended for skiing on powder and is shaped so that the middle of the ski rests on the ground and the tip and tail sit in the air. A camber is essentially the opposite as the middle of the ski is lifted up and the tip and tail of the ski rest on the ground, allowing for better turning.

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