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Refurbished ThinkPad T420 Parts

Thorough Buyers Guide for ThinkPad T420 Refurbished Laptops

If you need a portable laptop that you can take to school or the office, a ThinkPad T420 refurbished laptops come with a thin and sleek design and enough storage space for all of your documents and media files. When shopping on eBay, refurbished T420 laptops are available in a number of different configurations so you can select one by included operating system or storage type.

What does it mean for a laptop to be refurbished?

When a ThinkPad laptop like the T420 has been labeled as refurbished, this means that the device is a used one that has been professionally repaired either by the manufacturer or a reseller. There are a variety of things that are done to the laptop that typically includes testing the laptop hardware to make sure that all of the components are working properly. Any defective part or broken plastic is also replaced. Hard drives of refurbished systems are also completely wiped before being sold. The external portion of the laptop is cleaned as well.

What do the different ThinkPad storage types refer to?

There are two main forms of storage that can be equipped on ThinkPad T420 refurbished laptops: hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid state drives (SSDs).

  • HDD:This is a form of storage that uses spinning disks to read and write data for any file or program that you store on your computer. A hard disk drive has a somewhat heavy design to it.
  • SSD:This is a type of non-volatile storage, which means that none of the data on your laptop will not become corrupted if the hard drive is moved too much while in operation. They deliver quick load times and are often thin and light.
Which connectivity ports are on ThinkPad T420 computers?

ThinkPad T420 laptops are equipped with a variety of connectivity ports on the back and sides of the devices, which can include the following:

  • USB ports:Many models come with an average of four USB 2.0 ports.
  • Combo ports:A single combo port is available that combines a USB 2.0 port with an eSATA port, which is mainly used for the connection of external hard drives.
  • Audio ports:The various audio ports included on the T420 model often include dual array microphone and headphone ports and a microphone jack.
  • External monitor:A DisplayPort allows for the connection of an additional monitor if youre considering a dual-monitor setup.
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