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Reef Sandals for Men

Reef Fanning Sandals and Flip Flops for Men

Most men appreciate shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, and sandals are no exception. Reef sandals can provide men with a blend of comfort, fashion, and performance.

What are Reef sandals?

Founded in San Diego, California, Reef designs sandals and flip-flops that can be confidently worn around water and on the beach. Reef’s Fanning flip-flops are named after the surfing legend Mick Fanning. The Fanning flip-flop combines a number of Reef’s innovative features to provide performance, comfort, and convenience.

What are Fanning flip-flops made from?

The Fanning from Reef is made for getting wet and being immersed in water. Somewhat unusually, this flip-flop is designed to comfortably support the foot as shoes would. Reef’s unique materials and design keeps you looking as cool as you feel.

A synthetic nubuck leather upper on the flip-flops provides customized comfort for the wearer. This piece can come in many different shades to give you a unique look. Padded jersey on the sandal straps is made to match the upper and helps complete the look. You can find these flip flops in colors from classic black and brown to crisp white. They also come in patterns, such camo or flag-inspired prints. The padded jersey on the straps cushion your feet.

What features do Fanning sandals have?

The Reef-designed Fanning foot bed is contoured and EVA-injection molded to help the bed adjust to and support your foot. This provides a great deal of support and athletic functionality. A full, 360-degree air pocket is enclosed in the heel of the flip-flop to give additional support and cushioning. Herringbone rubber gives the outsole a solid and durable exterior with plenty of grip. This will help you maintain traction, even in wet conditions. Reef flip flops, including the Fanning, come in just about every standard adult men’s shoe size. As a fun bonus, Mick Fanning flip flops are one of Reef’s flip flops that provide an unexpected but handy convenience: a bottle opener. It is built right into the bottom of the flip-flop for easy opening of any beverage.

What are some other Reef sandals and flip-flops?

In addition to the Mick Fanning-inspired sandal, Reef offers many other comfortable shoes to suit just about any taste.

  • Rover: Rover flip flops boast excellent traction on both the outsoles and insoles. Rovers also include built-in arch support.
  • Phantom:The Phantom sandal is another water-friendly flip-flop that is known for its comfort. Phantoms are stylish flip-flops made for fun times in or out of the water.
  • Voyage:Voyage leather flip flops are sleek and durable. Made of waterproof leather, it is an environmentally friendly Reef shoe.