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Ralph Lauren Purple Label

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label Men's Dress Shirts

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Men’s Dress Shirts

With professional-grade fabric, exquisite attention to detail, and classic style, the Ralph Lauren Purple Label men’s dress shirt is sure to please even the most discerning man. Part of the prestigious Ralph Lauren Purple Label line, each shirt offers a tailored look with a comfortable fit and a sumptuous feel. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and prints to mix and match with other Ralph Lauren pieces.

What is the Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirt collection?

Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the fashion designer’s top luxury line. The line specializes in classic pieces with luxurious tailoring that mixes the top Italian craftsmanship with a modern yet timeless appeal. The Ralph Lauren Purple Label dress shirt is carefully crafted using a 50-step process that delivers the quality you expect from one of America’s most illustrious designer labels.

How do Purple Label dress shirts from Ralph Lauren fit?

Shirts from the Purple Label line by Ralph Lauren are made to have a comfortable, classic, tailored fit. The shirt has a pleated back yoke cut for comfort and appearance, offering a smooth shoulder and slim silhouette. The 15 1/2-inch shirt has a 31 1/2-inch body length, 18 3/4-inch shoulders, a 43-inch chest, and 35 1/2-inch sleeves. The size changes 1/2-inch in between sizes.

What are Purple Label shirts from Ralph Lauren made of?

The Purple Label shirt from Ralph Lauren is made from classic materials carefully crafted in a 50-step process from the yarn stage to the completed shirt. The majority of Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirts are made from 100% woven or brushed twill cotton. Some shirts like their End-to-End designs are made from 75% cotton, 25% polyamide, and 3% elastane. The Ralph Lauren linen-silk shirt from the Purple Label is made of 51% linen and 49% mulberry silk.

What is the difference between the Ralph Lauren dress shirt and casual shirt?

The Purple Label collection by Ralph Lauren includes both types of shirts. The primary differences between them are the sizing and what they are worn with:

  • Dress shirts - They come in sizes based on neck and collar, sleeve, and chest measurements. They are meant to be worn with a tie along with suits, formal wear, or dress attire.
  • Casual shirts - Available in general sizes like small, medium, and large, they are meant to be worn without a tie with chinos, khakis, or even jeans.
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