Radio Scanners

Radio Scanners

Stay aware and informed with the help of a digital scanner. These tools keep you abreast of current affairs, keep you connected with your loved ones, let you listen to firsthand information, and are invaluable in live emergency situations. Whether for personal or for professional use, you can find police scanners for sale on eBay. eBay is proud to offer some of the most trusted names in digital police scanners, including Uniden scanners at a price that works for you.

What types of these tools are available?

There are three basic types of frequency-scanners available, including hand-held, roving, and base models. Handheld models offer you the most portability, but also provide you with less range than larger models. Roving or car-based models can support larger transmitters and power supplies, allowing you to communicate over a larger area. Base models can support the largest antennas and power sources, making them great for those who require long-distance transmissions. Digital radio-transceivers have little in common with non-digital models, and you should be aware of the formats of any radio that you plan to acquire. The basic formats include the following:

  • Analog Scanner-Radios: These types of gadgets can only receive non-digital signals, making them unsuitable for use with digital formats.
  • Trunk Radio-Scanners: These frequency-scanners make use of trunk techniques and technologies to make your radio more efficient. They receive and send signals from non-digital and trunk-scanners.
  • Phase 1 Digital Radio Scanners: Phase 1 frequency-scanners can receive and send signals from non-digital, trunk, and other Phase 1 digital devices.
  • Phase 2 Digital Radio Scanners: These tools can send and receive signals from analog, trunk, Phase 1, and other Phase 2 digital transceivers.

Which accessories are useful with these digital scanners?

Radio frequency-scanners have a wide range of applications and a multitude of accessories available for these applications. Some of the more frequently used items include the following:

  • Headphones/Headsets: These let you go hands-free and often use wireless signal formats like Bluetooth.
  • Stands: These allow you to mount your scanners in various ways. For example, you could use a stand to mount your frequency-scanner above a microphone in a studio.
  • Speakers: Speakers can be a must when using certain kinds of vehicle and base-scanners or when you need clear and powerful audio transmissions.
  • Carrying Cases: Radio transceivers can be relatively fragile when they get moved around, but you can prevent accidents by using a sturdy carrying case.

What types of antennas will you need?

This depends on the type of radios that you use. Flexible rubber antennas suffice for most hand-held models, while whip and mast-antennas are appropriate for larger models. It also depends on your power needs, as larger models broadcast to larger areas.

Are trunk scanners more helpful than non-trunk varieties?

Trunk scanners allow groups of people to efficiently use a limited number of related frequencies. Since the government carefully rations and assigns the available frequencies in a given area, trunking helps groups to get the most out of the limited number of slots. Public service organizations like the police, fire departments, emergency responders, and the Coast Guard are examples of groups that often use trunk technologies.