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Personal Security Handcuffs

Personal Security Handcuffs

Handcuffs were introduced as a security device for the police and military. In places where the law permits, civilians may employ handcuffs as props in play. This product category presents handcuffs and related accessories.

What is the difference between consumer and law-enforcement grade?

Law-enforcement grade is not a formal definition, but it is often applied to indicate that a device is sturdy enough for constant or repeated use.

Are all handcuff keys universal?

In many countries in North and Latin America, a standardized handcuff key does exist. This provides convenience when transporting prisoners. However, maximum security prisoners are typically adorned with special handcuffs.

What happens if the key is lost?

Since losing a handcuff key can be a significant inconvenience, it is recommended that users keep spares in known locations. Spare standardized keys are available for purchase in this product category.

Most handcuffs are designed for temporary restraint and can be picked with nominal skill. Your local locksmith may have a universal key or will be able to pick the lock for you.

Toy handcuffs may have a small button on each cuff that allows the restrained person to open them.

What are safety concerns involving handcuffs?

A person restrained by handcuffs has less ability to balance against falls or block against impacts, which may result in serious injury. Users of handcuffs should be aware that they are responsible for the safety of a restrained person.

Even brief use of handcuffs may result in numbness, pain, weakness, or other abnormal physical sensations that may have long-term effects. Complaints of abnormal physical sensations by the person being restrained should be taken seriously.

What type of locks are featured on handcuffs?

The most standard type of lock in handcuffs is the double lock. A double has a mechanism inside that prevents the handcuffs from tightening further once in place. There are three sub types of double locks:

  • Slot: This contains a mechanism on both sides of the plate. The user must push the pin into the top slot to engage.
  • Push Pin: This features a pin that engages the locking mechanism when it is pushed in.
  • Lever: This is a similar design to the push pin, but a lever prevents the cuff from further tightening instead of the pin.
What are legal concerns involving the use of handcuffs?

It is recommended that you check the laws in your legal jurisdiction before purchasing and using handcuffs. Unauthorized ownership and use of handcuffs is illegal in some jurisdictions. The imposition of involuntary restraint upon a person may have serious legal ramifications.

Legal responsibility and liability are assumed by the purchaser/user. eBay assumes no legal responsibility or liability for the use of products in this category.

***personal note: Wow! Such a legal minefield! Im not a lawyer, so you may want to talk to your legal department about whether I covered all the bases on this.