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Nissan Pathfinder Truck Tires

The Pathfinder is one of Nissans SUV models, derived from a mixture of Nissan trucks and cars to create the middle-ground crossover vehicle that brings the most advantageous features of Nissan cars and trucks together. Like any vehicle, its essential to ensure that your Nissan Pathfinder has tires that are in proper shape if you want your vehicle to drive smoothly and safely for you and your passengers. Regardless of whether you want to change the tires on your Pathfinder as a style preference or for maintenance purposes, there are plenty of options available.

What tire sizes work on the Nissan Pathfinder?

One of the basic pieces of information you need when looking for new tires for your Nissan is the correct size. The size you need for your Nissan Pathfinder is directly dependent upon the model year and trim level of your SUV. Most of the earliest models require 235/75R15 or 31X10.50R15 sizes, while many others require 255/65R16 or 245/65R17. Some models even require ones as large as 265/60R18 or 235/55R20. You can check your current tire size, or you may need to consult your dealership or mechanic to find the exact specifications required for your Pathfinder model.

What types of Nissan Pathfinder tires are there?

Different types of Pathfinder tires accommodate different types of weather conditions and driving needs.

  • All-season: As their name implies, these are appropriate for all seasons. Theyre versatile enough to balance driving the Pathfinder in all weather conditions. They usually feature light snow traction with enhanced handling and tread wear.
  • Summer: Summer tires are, of course, most appropriate for hot, dry summertime conditions. These offer a blend of wet and dry traction to make it easier to drive your Nissan in dusty, sandy conditions.
  • Winter: Winter Pathfinder tires, also known more simply as snow wheels, are most appropriate for those Nissan Pathfinder drivers who want to maximize their traction in wet, snowy, and icy conditions. Winter tires come in both studded and non-studded options.
  • All-terrain: All-terrain Pathfinder tires are the ones you want if you plan on driving both on and off the road on various types of terrain. These are specially designed with high-endurance capabilities to make them hardy enough to handle traversing over sand, gravel, stone, soil, and other off-road terrains in your Nissan Pathfinder.
  • Compact: Compact tires, also known as temporary wheels, are the utilitarian models that you keep underneath, in the cargo section of your Nissan Pathfinder as a spare tire in case something happens to one of your wheels while traveling. Its recommended that you always have one of these on hand in your vehicle to prevent you getting stranded in the event of a flat tire or emergency blowout.