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PC Virtual Pet Video Games

Enhance Your Gaming Library With PC Virtual Pet Video Games

Virtual pet video games for the PC invite players to feed, groom, play with, and care for virtual cats, dogs, and other animals.

How do virtual pet games for the PC work?

Virtual pet games typically feature detailed simulations of animals the player must nurture on an ongoing basis. These animals may be based on real ones such as dogs or they may be fantasy creatures. The tasks that players must complete to provide for their virtual pets can include feeding, walking, dressing, brushing, petting, and walking them. In addition, players may be able to give the pets toys, train them for competitions, teach them tricks, let them interact with other animals, and play games with them such as fetch.

Some titles in this genre let you breed new virtual pets from old ones and others let your pet creatures have pets of their own. Interacting with animals in this genre may be entirely nonverbal or include gauges for variables such as hunger and thirst. Usually, the main goal of these games is to keep your pet happy, well-fed, well-groomed, and obedient, but they may have missions and sub-goals as well.

What are some PC virtual pet video games?

PC virtual pet video games offer a variety of video games focused on digital pets, including:

  • "Petz": The "Petz" franchise, which includes five versions each of the "Dogz" and "Catz" games, invites the player to adopt cats or dogs, raise them to adulthood, reward or punish them for their behavior, and breed them to create new pets. The animals in this franchise vary widely in color and body shape.
  • "Creatures": The games "Creatures," "Creatures 2," and "Creatures 3" are science-fiction-themed pet simulations with an emphasis on teaching pets language. The alien pets in these simulations have natural life cycles measured in playtime hours, and they can teach their offspring concepts that you teach them. Breeding is a major part of this franchise and features detailed inheritance of traits from one generation to the next.
  • "The Sims: Pets": These pet-themed expansion packs for the "Sims" PC life simulation franchise let you acquire cats, dogs, horses, birds, and other animals for your virtual home. These expansions let you personalize your animals in detail, and they include realistic bonding.
What should you consider when getting PC virtual pet games?

When selecting virtual pet PC titles, keep in mind the games ESRB rating that indicates its level of mature content, and check to see whether the game includes your preferred language. You may want to know how often you must take care of the virtual pets to ensure that your schedule can handle it. You may also want to know whether the game has an online mode.