PC Desktops & All-In-One Computers

Get a New PC This Christmas

The holiday season can be a good time to upgrade your gadgets. If you're looking for a Christmas gift for the family, buying a new PC desktop or all-in-one computer can be a great idea. eBay has a range of them, that will make accessing study material and doing school work much easier for the kids. Ensure that the operating system you choose should be one that is user-friendly, as well as upgradable in the future. You can select the right processor based on your intended usage. While a basic processor will suffice for tasks like sending emails or surfing the net, multi-core processors will be required for multitasking and heavy software utilization. You can choose from many top-name brands on eBay. Surprise your loved ones at Christmas dinner and make it a Christmas to remember.

Whats an All-In-One?
An All-In-One computer is precisely what it sounds like; its a system that offers everything you need in one unit. There is no need for a tower and a monitor. It takes up less space, which is especially important in small offices or where space is limited. As a bonus, set up is super fast and easy, remove from box and set on the desk.

Whats a Desktop?
There are two parts to a desktop, the tower, which contains all the hardware, and the monitor. Typically, this is the first type of system that comes to mind when a home computer gets mentioned. A plus to this sort of system is that users can upgrade to a bigger monitor or replace a non-working one without having to purchase a complete system, thus saving time and money.

Know the System
The definition of an Operating System is the software that directs a computers operations. It is the single most important part of a computer; some refer to it as the brain of the unit. For this reason, the OS on your machine needs to meet your needs plus be upgradable to meet your demands in the future. Additionally, the OS should be easy to use, especially if you just want to fire up the machine and get to work.

Processor Types
A computer uses the processor unit to interpret data and write the data for storage or display on the monitor. How you determine the right CPU depends on what you plan to use your computer. For example, if you want to surf the web and check email, amulti-core processor or a fast clock speed is not required. But on the flip side, if you do a lot of video or audio editing, general multitasking, or playing games, you will want a fast, multi-core processor.