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Motorcycle Brakes Suspension Rotor Bolt Kit

The braking system of a motorcycle is different from an automobile; the front and rear brakes work independently of each other. Mastering the balance of a bike includes mastering the use of the stopping system. Smooth stopping depends on the drivers ability to utilize the two brakes in cooperation with one another.

What is the function of brake rotors on a motorcycle?

Brake rotors on a motorcycle operate in much the same way as brake rotors on other vehicles. When the lever activates, the brake pads squeeze the brake rotors, slowing the vehicle to the desired speed or to a stop. This is the same for the front and rear units.

What are the parts of a disc braking system?

Disc brakes are found on both wheels. In some cases, discs are on the front and a hydraulic unit is used on the rear wheel of your motorcycle. The parts that make up the system include the following:

  • Calipers: These tighten the brake pads against the rotor to accomplish stopping of the vehicle.
  • Pads: These parts exert force from the lever and calipers onto the brake rotor.
  • Brake rotors: The pads squeeze these discs to put pressure on the wheel to slow and stop.
  • Brake rotor bolts: These parts are made specifically to securely attach the brake rotor.
What are the components of a motorcycle hydraulic brake system?

Among other things that go into creating the system, the brake rotor is part of the bikes suspension and stopping system, with one attached to both the front and rear tire structure. Other parts of the braking system include the following:

  • Master cylinder: This controls the pressure applied by the rotor.
  • Lines and hoses: These are hoses that move the pressure from the master cylinder to the caliper.
  • Caliper: This increases the force from the master cylinder.
  • Brake pads: They convert the energy conducted from the master cylinder into heat from the friction of the pads on the disc or drum.
  • Drum: This houses the major components and works with brake pads and brake rotors to slow and stop the vehicle.
What indicates a problem with the brakes or brake rotors?

The system should be checked periodically regardless of the ride. Between maintenance checks, it is important to be aware of these possible signs that you might have a problem with your braking system:

  • A loose or soft brake lever could be a problem with the master cylinder or brake lines.
  • Vibration when braking could indicate worn brake pads or warped or worn brake rotors.
  • Noisy or squeaky braking can also indicate brake pads or brake rotors are worn.