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Olympus Bridge Digital Cameras

Selecting Olympus Bridge Digital Cameras for Quality Images

Olympus created its line of bridge cameras with the intention of closing the divide between digital cameras and point-and-shoot devices. They allow you to experience some digital camera features with manual controls. If you are looking for a bridge camera, understanding how they differ from other types, what features they can have, and how to use them may help you find the right model for your photography needs.

How do bridge cameras work?

Bridge cameras provide one way to bring digital cameras and more traditional manual cameras together. One way they might be able to do this is by combining certain features from both camera types into one device. Some common specifications that try to combine aspects of the two camera types include the following:

  • Permanent lenses: Each bridge camera usually includes a single lens that is permanently affixed to its frame. This eliminates the need to carry multiple lenses with you.
  • Variable focals: Because you are only dealing with one lens, you can usually adjust the focal range to include a variety of framing options.
  • Zoom: These cameras usually feature a longer zoom range than some of the more compact models.
  • Controls: Many of these cameras feature some controls that may be similar to those of digital cameras. These can include wheels for changing the shooting modes.
What are some features of bridge cameras?

Although many of these cameras share digital and manual design elements and parts, the specific features they have can vary from model to model. However, some features you may wish to include during your search are:

  • Recording: Some of these cameras may feature HD video recording capabilities and a built-in display for viewing or editing video in 720p or full 1080p resolutions.
  • Stabilizing controls: Some models may be able to help you stabilize an image before you take the photo. You may wish to use this feature to cut down on blurred edges.
  • Touch screen: You may be able to use a touch screen to interact with the camera and access various functions, such as red-eye reduction, the flash feature, or pixel mapping.
  • Histogram: If your digital camera has a histogram feature, it may be able to display numerical data about your photos for you.
Do bridge cameras come in different series?

A select number of camera models are usually included in a series. This series may feature cameras that have similar designs, shapes, or accessories. If you wish to narrow your bridge camera search to find models in a particular series, you may be able to choose from lines such as:

  • The Camedia Series
  • The S or SP Series
  • The Stylus Series
Can you choose a screen size or color?

Some models feature a digital LCD screen for viewing recorded video. You can see the manufacturer site for details. Most of these devices are available in either black or silver colors.

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